How Silver Sol Works
What is Silver Sol Technology?

Homeopathic Uses Of Silver Sol

Suggested Uses of Silver Sol Products

If you have a nebulizer put 2 teaspoons of Silver Sol in the medicine cup, and inhale it every 3-4 hours during the day for 10 days, or until symptoms subside.  Then you can you can switch to taking it orally for the remainder of the the month, then go to the maintenance dose of 1 teaspoon morning and night. You may use the nebulizer at any time, if you feel the necessity.

If you don't have a nebulizer, take two teaspoons orally of Silver Sol every three to four hours during the day. Others have reported their symptoms subsiding in about 10 days. Keep taking this dosage for 30 days, then you may reduce to 1 teaspoon in the morning and 1 at bedtime. This maintanance dose has been found to be sufficient to prevent the recurrence of asthma attacks.

Athletes Foot:
Spray Silver Sol directly on the cleaned infected area and let dry. In addition, saturate a clean sock, let it dry then wear it as usual over the infected area. Or use Silver Gel instead by putting a generous amount on the infected area and let it dry.  Do this morning and night until the infection clears.  3-5 days.

Burns and Cuts:
Depending on comfort level you can either spray the Silver Sol on it and leave uncovered and wet for 5-20 minutes per application. Or if touch is tolorable, use a generous Silver Sol Gel on it instead, and let it dry then put a second layer of gel on it, and let it dry. then cover. Apply one to three times per day, depending on severity, until healed. Personal reports suggest that the burns and cuts will heal very rapidly. One little girl had splashed scalding oil on her face and had a large burn area. Her mother sprayed the solution directly on the burn twice daily and left it wet with the solution for 15-20 minutes. The girl showed an 85%-90% recovery within two weeks. Six months later, there was virtually no visible scarring on the girl. 

Cankers and Other Mouth Sores:
Swish approximately one tablespoon of Silver Sol in your mouth for at least five minutes. Or place ASAP Gel directly on the sore.  Repeat this two to three times a day. Noticeable improvements within 24 hours have been commonly reported.

Diabetic Neuropathy:
Because of impaired circulation, it is common that for diabetics cuts and scratches heal more slowly. Taking Silver Sol appears to shorten healing time and also reduces pain in the extremities. Take 2 tsp per day orally, and then put Silver Gel directly on the affected areas two to three times daily.

Diaper and Other Rashes:
For diaper rash put Silver Gel on the area let at each change of diaper. Leave wet and put on new diaper. Use it for other skin irritation and rashes, spray affected area and leave wet for at least five minutes. Repeat two or three times per day. Expect improvement in most cases within 24 hours. 

Ear Aches:
Most ear infections are caused by Steptococcus pneumonia or H. influenzae bacteria. The all of the silver products has been proven to kill both organisms; however, Silver Sol, works the fastest. Lie down on bed or couch with affected ear facing up. Place five to seven drops of silver in ear. Remain in this lying position for a minimum of ten minutes, preferably for at least 30 minutes. Repeat two or three times per day. Noticeable improvement has been reported in as little as 4-24 hours.

Eye Infections:
The US EPA has reported that silver is neither an eye or skin irritant. Silver has also been used in the eyes of newborn babies for over a hundred years because of its ability to combat eye infections. Spray or drip a few drops of the Silver Sol into the eye, two to three times a day to combat infection. Good results have been reported within 1-3 days. The silver has also been used to alleviate sore or tired eyes, use the same as directed above.

Take one tablespoon of Silver Sol by mouth two to three times per day. Hold the solution in the mouth (gargle, if possible) for three to five minutes before swallowing. Provided one takes the colloidal silver at the onset of the flu, noticeable improvement has been reported in one to three days. If the flu has become entrenched in the body, improvement is slower. If you have a fever take 1 tablespoon every hour, until fever subsides.  (Independant lab studies show that Silver Sol kills every form of Influenza they have tested it on, including Influenza A, and The Bird Flu; however it has not been tested on swine flu yet.)

Food Poisoning:
Silver Sol has been proven to kill six types of bacteria that commonly cause food poisoning. Drink one ounce of solution at onset. Positive results have been reported in as little as 10 minutes, and as long as three hours.

Fungus Infections of the Feet:
A well-regarded veteran, east coast podiatrist treated one patient with mycotic toenails with Silver Sol. The results were sufficiently impressive over a four-month period that he has begun treating others with this solution. File the shine off the toenail (to increase porosity) and then spray the solution directly on the infected toenail or apply the Silver Sol Gel directly on the toenail and surounding skin. Repeat two to three times daily.

Inflammation of the Joints:
Laboratory personnel have noted that in addition to its ability to kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of yeasts, Silver Sol is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Researchers have suggested that this may be one of the reasons that the pain from conditions like earaches and canker sores recedes so quickly. In order to informally test this theory, one researcher donated a bottle of the silver to a young woman suffering from fibromyalgia, which causes a painful swelling in the joints and also the muscle tissue. She reported that after using one teaspoon per day of the solution for one week, she was able to reduce her joint pain medication by 90%. She claimed that almost all the swelling was gone from the joints and also that her energy level had dramatically improved.

Insect Bites:
Excellent results have been reported using the Silver Sol Gel to alleviate the burning and itching of insect bites and stings. Relief from a multitude of different bugs bites have been reported including, mosquitoes, spiders, hornets and even blue centipedes from Hawaii. Apply to the affected area three times a day. Good results have been reported in as little as 30 minutes.

Spray Silver Sol on rear of throat and gargle with at least 1 tablespoon three to four times per day. Expect relief in two to three days. If the laryngitis is accompanied by a sore throat, see the section on “sore throat” below.

Nursing mothers may be hesitant to take antibiotics while nursing their babies. It has been reported that one teaspoon of Silver Sol four times a day has cleared up mastitis in two days.

Sinus Infection:
Using Silver Sol, irrigate with one-half to a whole teaspoon per nostril, three times per day, or use a nasal sprayer and do 4 sprays per nostril every hour. If you sneeze do it again. Relief can be noticeable in 24 hours, with complete remission often occuring in two to three days.

Sore Throat:
Both the antibacterial and the anti-inflammatory properties of Silver Sol, may play a role in their affect on sore throats. Take one to two tablespoons, gargle for four to five minutes, then slowly swallow a little at a time. Repeat two or three times per day. It may also be helpful to spray or drip some solution into the nasal passages. Reports indicate noticeable improvement with 12-48 hours.

Silver is the number one treatment for burns across the U.S. One doctor has been using the Silver Sol Gel for over a year to treat radiation burns on his patients, and has reported outstanding results. Success has also been reported using the product for sunburn. Apply to the affected area. Let it dry, then apply it again. If it hurts to the touch spray Silver Sol on it and leave the solution wet on the skin until it dries. Repeat 2-3 times in the first 5-6 hours after occurrence. Relief has been reported in as little as 4-12 hours.

Tooth Decay:
In laboratory tests Silver Sol has been proven to kill two of the primary bacteria implicated in tooth decay. Take one or two teaspoons, circulate the solution in your mouth for four to five minutes. Then swallow. You can also brush your teeth with the Silver Gel, and don't spit out or rinse after brushing.

Urinary Tract Infection:
A woman who had a recurrent urinary tract infection for five years, reported that antibiotics would appear to kill the infection, but that it would reappear soon after she stopped taking the antibiotic. She took two teaspoons a day of Silver Sol for ten days and her doctor told her that the infection had cleared up completely. (Silver Sol works faster in killing bacterial infections such as this.) In laboratory tests it has been shown that any Silver Sol product has been able to kill seven different types of bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.

Vaginal Yeast Infection:
Take 1 teaspoon of Silver Sol by mouth three times per day to kill gastro intestinal yeast overgrowth also. Apply Silver Sol Gel all over a tampon and insert, then apply the gel to the external vaginal area.  Leave the tampon in for 4 hrs and then repeat the process until simptoms clear.  Users have reported that infections have cleared up in as little as two days.