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Resveratrol Boosts Brain Blood Flow

brain blood flow A new study shows that high doses of resveratrol may improve brain blood flow and could potentially boost brain health.

Resveratrol is a bioactive compound found in grapes and red wine. Interest in the compound began in 2003 when research showed that resveratrol was able to increase the lifespan of yeast cells.

NutraIngredients notes that:

“Since then studies in nematode worms, fruit flies, fish, and mice have linked resveratrol to longer lives.

Other studies with only resveratrol have reported anti-cancer effects, anti-inflammatory effects, cardiovascular benefits, anti-diabetes potential, energy endurance enhancement, and protection against Alzheimer’s.”


Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in grape skins, berries, cocoa and peanuts, has been called the modern-day “fountain of youth” for a very compelling reason: it appears to slow down aging and even increase the lifespan of human cells.

Much of the well-deserved fanfare surrounding resveratrol has centered on its role in enhancing longevity, but new research is expanding this focus and showing this potent antioxidant may influence many aspects of your health, including that of your brain.

Resveratrol is unique among antioxidants because it can cross the blood-brain barrier to help protect your brain and nervous system. This latest study by researchers from the Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Centre at Northumbria University is the first to show that resveratrol has a marked impact on increasing blood flow to your brain.

After taking either 250 or 500 milligrams of resveratrol, study participants experienced a dose-dependent increase in cerebral blood flow, which suggests that resveratrol may play a role in keeping your brain function healthy.

One of the Few Supplements I Personally Take Every Day

The science surrounding resveratrol is so compelling that it has become one of my all-time favorite antioxidants, and I believe one that shows real promise of health benefits. I take resveratrol in the form of our Purple Defense supplement every morning and I take a much higher dosage, about eight to 10, when I fly to help protect against the effects of radiation.

So what exactly is resveratrol?

It’s a polyphenolic bioflavanoid antioxidant that certain plants produce in response to stress, such as injury or fungal infection. It first entered the limelight as a potential explanation for the so-called French paradox -- the tendency for French people to have great cardiovascular health despite a “poor” diet and love for wine (which is a rich source of resveratrol).

It later made headlines in 2003, when Harvard researchers found it could extend the lifespan of yeast cells. Since then it has been found to similarly extend the lifespan of nematode worms, fruit flies, fish, and mice. It works by activating a gene called sirtuin1, which is also activated during calorie restriction -- another method to extend lifespan -- in various species.

Resveratrol Helps Lower Insulin and Inflammation

How is it that resveratrol may help to boost brain and heart health, while slowing down the aging process?

One is through its ability to modify inflammation in your body. Resveratrol helps prevent your body from creating sphingosine kinase and phospholipase D -- two molecules known to trigger inflammation.

While inflammation is a natural bodily response (it’s a process in which your body’s white blood cells protect you from outside invaders such as bacteria and viruses), it’s possible for your body to exist in a chronically inflamed state.

Chronic inflammation is not beneficial, and in fact has been linked to numerous chronic diseases including heart disease.

Resveratrol also seems to produce many similar benefits as exercise, including lowering insulin levels, which is a key to fighting disease and staying young. Insulin resistances speed up the aging process, while keeping insulin level resistance normal has the opposite effect.

Sirtris Pharmaceuticals has, in fact, already developed a resveratrol pill that was used in a trial on people with untreated diabetes.

The results?

Lowered glucose and insulin levels without any changes in diet or taking other drugs. I certainly do not recommend that you replace a healthy diet or exercise program with resveratrol, but the research suggests it is a powerful addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Remember, too, that resveratrol is a potent antioxidant, and antioxidants help to protect your cells from free radical damage and aging.

A Potent Free Radical Scavenger

Aging is a natural process that reflects the free radical damage that accumulates in your cells over the years. When your body uses oxygen, it naturally produces free radicals that attack your cells. Even breathing produces free radicals. This means your very cells are constantly under attack from free radicals; and sooner or later, you WILL begin to experience the first signs of aging.

A diet rich in fresh, organic vegetables and fruits is one of the best ways to enhance your body’s free radical protection, but powerhouses like resveratrol may give you an extra boost.

Resveratrol deeply penetrates the center of your cell’s nucleus, giving your DNA time to repair free radical damage. It also supports cell functions in your heart and brain so that you can:

  • Help prevent the rampant spread of cancer cells at any stage
  • Keep your blood circulation going smoothly and prevent arterial damage
  • Protect your brain from the development of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Prevent neurological disorders such as strokes, ischemia, and Huntington’s disease

Should You Get Resveratrol from Red Wine?

Resveratrol is found in abundance in red wine, and it’s highly soluble in alcohol, meaning your body may absorb more of it from red wine than from other sources. I do not, however, suggest drinking large amounts of red wine, as the alcohol is a poison to your system.

You can get some resveratrol from your diet by eating grapes (muscadine grapes have the highest concentration of resveratrol in nature because of their extra thick skins and numerous seeds where it is concentrated), cocoa, dark chocolate and peanuts, but it will likely be difficult to get a therapeutic dose, especially since these are all foods I recommend you eat only in moderation.

The other option is to take a resveratrol supplement, and in this case be sure to look for one made from a whole food complex that includes muscadine grape skin and seeds.

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Vitamin D deficiencies at epidemic levels, says new study

Vitamin D is an amazing nutrient that protect the body from all sorts of diseases and problems. Researchers continually uncover new links between lack of vitamin D and disease, illustrating the fact that it is vital to good health. However recent studies have also found that most people are deficient in vitamin D.

A team of doctors from the McGill University Health Centre in Canada was surprised to find that about 59 percent of people evaluated were deficient in vitamin D and about 25 percent were severely deficient. Published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, the study is allegedly the first to illustrate a definitive link between vitamin D deficiency and an accumulation of fat in muscle tissue.

"Because it [vitamin D deficiency] is linked to increased body fat, it may affect many different parts of the body. Abnormal levels of vitamin D are associated with a whole spectrum of diseases, including cancer, osteoporosis, and diabetes, as well as cardiovascular and autoimmune disorders," explained Dr. Richard Kremer, lead investigator of the study.

The main reason why people are generally lacking in vitamin D is because people spend much more time indoors than they used to. Especially with computers, people often spend their entire days inside cubicles where they are exposed to little or no sunlight.

Vitamin D is not produced in the body on its own. It is created when skin is exposed to sunlight. Some foods contain vitamin D, but in minimal amounts compared to what can be achieved from sun exposure. Most people also do not consume enough vitamin D-rich food to obtain adequate amounts of it.

The McGill study highlights an important link between vitamin D and obesity that, until now, has been largely ignored. Vitamin D deficiency contributes to decreased muscle and increased fat, which is a condition that is increasingly common in industrialized nations. Though diet also plays a role in obesity, it is striking to see vitamin D playing a role in the condition as well.

Perhaps the reason why vitamin D deficiency is linked to all sorts of serious diseases has more to do with the increase in visceral fat that it causes, which in turn leads to such health problems. This study seems to confirm that notion.

The best way to address vitamin D deficiency is to get more sunlight. But when this is not possible, particularly throughout the winter months when the sun is at a lower angle and the ultraviolet (UV) rays are at a minimum, supplementation with vitamin D is the next best option.

The study itself did not confirm one way or another the effectiveness of vitamin D supplementation in reducing fat and increasing muscle, however tests have shown that supplementation does increase blood levels of vitamin D. Many people take vitamin D supplements to alleviate their deficiency and have experience good results.

Currently, the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin D is between 200 and 400 international units (IU) per day, depending on age. Recent studies are showing that these recommendations are too low to maintain optimal health. Some are suggesting that these guidelines be updated to amounts upwards of 1,000 IU per day, including the Canadian Cancer Society.

On a typical summer day, 15 to 20 minutes of sunlight exposure will result in the skin producing about 40,000 IU of vitamin D. At this point, the mechanism that produces it shuts off in order to prevent the body from making too much.

With these levels in mind, many naturopathic doctors recommend supplementing with up to 10,000 IU a day or more. Many believe it is difficult to take too much vitamin D because the safe upper limits are much higher than previously thought.

Currently, the best form of vitamin D is D3, or cholecalciferol, because it is the precursor to the type created by the body from sunlight exposure. Vitamin D3 can be safely taken at amounts much higher than the RDA guidelines.

Safe tanning beds are another option for achieving optimal vitamin D levels without taking a supplement. Despite recent reports that they are unsafe and cause skin cancer, some tanning beds can be used properly and safely to obtain UV rays when regular sunlight is not an option. These beds use electronic ballasts instead of magnetic ballasts that emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), which can cause cancer and other health issues.

Dr. Mercola, another trusted source of natural health information, has a helpful directory of healthy tanning locations across the country. There are also companies that sell these tanning beds for home use.

If you are unsure about your vitamin D levels and wish to consult with your physician, a simple blood test will determine your levels. Whichever route you choose to take, just be sure to get enough vitamin D. Your body will thank you.

Sources for this story include:

Giant hexagon of clouds spins on Saturn while clouds disappear from Jupiter

natural health
We normally report on Earthly events, but right now some rather grand events are taking place in our solar system that you may want to know about.

For starters, there's the odd fact that one of Jupiter's huge red stripes -- which is really a massive storm system many times larger than planet Earth -- has suddenly disappeared ( Known as the "Southern Equatorial Belt", this storm system isn't exactly permanent: Jupiter's belts undergo striking transformations every 10 - 15 years, according to astronomers.

Far more bizarre and mysterious is something that NASA's Cassini spacecraft first noticed in 2007. There is a large rotating hexagon circling the north pole of Saturn. (

This isn't some conspiracy theory. It's not some sort of far-fetched interpretation of random organic structure. It is quite clearly a massive hexagon, and it's circling the north pole of Saturn as we speak. And by "massive", I mean this hexagon is larger than the planet Earth.

Straight from the NASA website: "This is a very strange feature, lying in a precise geometric fashion with six nearly equally straight sides," said Kevin Baines, atmospheric expert and member of Cassini's visual and infrared mapping spectrometer team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. "We've never seen anything like this on any other planet. Indeed, Saturn's thick atmosphere where circularly-shaped waves and convective cells dominate is perhaps the last place you'd expect to see such a six-sided geometric figure, yet there it is."

The hexagon, according to NASA, is 60 miles thick (deep) and an astonishing 15,000 miles wide.

That means four Earths would fit inside it. Yes, it's really that big. And of course, it seems entirely unnatural. Clouds don't form hexagon shapes and then maintain those structures as the edges orbit the center. Looking at this shape, it is difficult to explain it as "natural."

But that's not all there is to see here.

The all-seeing eye pyramid inside the hexagon

As I was studying this animation from NASA, something struck me as particularly interesting. Inside the hexagon there's a three-sided pyramid shape. It appears quite clearly as a lighter-shade triangle set against the background of the hexagon. Imagine a pyramid placed on top of the hexagon and you'll see it.

There's even more: Inside the pyramid is the shape of the all-seeing eye. You can clearly see it in the center of the pyramid shape, which is inside the hexagon.

Here's a still image from the NASA animation:

In it, you can just barely make out the shape of an inverted pyramid, plus two concentric circles in the center. Here's an overlay of lines showing the structure of the pyramid, plus the all-seeing eye:

Now here's where this gets even more bizarre...

The all-seeing eye and the pyramid

Do you recognize this all-seeing eye with the pyramid? If not, just whip out a dollar bill from your pocket and glance at the back. There it is!

Yes, your U.S. currency contains the exact same image: An all-seeing eye, centered inside the top of the pyramid, looking over you from the back of a dollar bill.

Here's a zoomed-in image showing you this from the back of a U.S. dollar bill:

Reality check

Please note what you're thinking right now as you're reading this. So far, I have not presented anything other than what is evident. There is a spinning hexagon of clouds on Saturn's north pole. Inside the hexagon is a triangle (pyramid). Inside the triangle are two concentric circles that look a lot like a human eye.

This shape looks a whole lot like the pyramid with the all-seeing eye on the back of the U.S. dollar.

Notice I haven't mentioned anything about any conspiracy, or aliens, or anything of that kind. These are just observations of the world around us.

Granted, they are fascinating observations. In fact, if you told most people what I've printed here in this article so far, they would think you were absolutely nuts.

And yet all I've done so far is republished NASA photos from the Cassini spacecraft and shown pictures from the back of U.S. currency. I've also pointed out some eerie similarities between the two.

But anyone with half a brain, upon seeing these pictures, would begin to wonder: Is this just a coincidence? And why is there a 15,000-mile wide spinning hexagon on Saturn in the first place?

I've mentioned this to quite a few people, and no one I talked to was even aware of this. So what's it doing there?

Natural phenomenon or intelligent design?

There are really one two possibilities for explaining the giant hexagon on Saturn: It is either a natural phenomenon or it was intelligently designed. (Well, I suppose there's a third possibility: That the whole thing is some sort of grand NASA hoax and the pictures were faked... but to what end?)

I can't wait to see the debates about this on our Facebook page, by the way, because "intelligently designed" could include anything: God, an alien race, a supernatural being, a previous Earthly civilization, a civilization from a parallel universe... who knows?

"Intelligently designed" means some conscious, intelligent being (or group of beings) intentionally created it. If so, you'd have to wonder: For what purpose? What would a giant spinning hexagon on Saturn actually accomplish?

Cymatics and the physical structure of sound

The far more likely explanation for the giant hexagon on Saturn may be that it is a natural phenomenon. And the only phenomenon I'm familiar with that might explain this involves the field of cymatics.

Cymatics is the study of how sound can alter the physical structure of materials, creating interesting structural patterns. To see this for yourself, you can turn a stereo speaker on its edge (with the speaker facing up), then place a liquid pudding of corn starch and water on top of a layer of plastic wrap, on top of the speaker. When you crank up the music, the corn starch creates bizarre and fascinating shapes due to the expression of the structure of the sound.

See an example of this "DIY cymatics" on YouTube:

I've been thinking that the giant hexagon on Saturn could theoretically be caused by very low-frequency sound waves emanating from some sort of geological action on the planet's surface. Perhaps these sound waves are being focused toward the north pole of the planet in much the same way that earthquake shockwaves can "bounce" off subterranean geological features. These sound waves could theoretically create a "cymatic" effect that we're seeing as a giant hexagon swirling around the pole.

It sounds far-fetched, I know. But not nearly as far-fetch as "aliens built it." When it comes to bizarre phenomena like this, all the explanations sound far-fetched.

You can come up with your own theory to explain all this, of course. But make no mistake: There is a giant hexagon of clouds 15,000 miles wide swirling around the north pole of Saturn, and even NASA has no idea why or how it got there. Who or what maintains the hexagon structure and keeps the clouds swirling in a six-sided geometric pattern?

Or is this a "natural" event taking place on a massive scale? If it's natural, it would demonstrate that nature can create some astonishingly complex (and large-scale) designs in the worlds around us. That's particularly interesting because the FDA believes nature is incapable of creating even a single plant-based nutrient that has any beneficial effect whatsoever on the human body.

There's a lot of denial in Washington about the power and "creativity" of nature. Maybe those folks should look toward the heavens and take note of what's really happening in our universe... because some of it is pretty darned spectacular.

Just ask NASA.

Please let us know YOUR thoughts on this giant hexagon on Saturn. Is it a NATURAL event? Was it created by MAN? Was it put there by GOD? Is it an elaborate NASA HOAX?

Amazingly, this Country Actually Bans the Flu Vaccine

Seasonal flu vaccinations have been suspended in Australia for all children under the age of five. The suspension comes after 23 children in Western Australia were admitted to hospitals with convulsions after receiving flu injections.

More than 250 children may have had adverse reactions to the vaccine, with symptoms including fever, vomiting and convulsions.

WA Today reports that:

“Another 40 convulsion cases had been detected in the past month in children at other metropolitan hospitals ... Doctors are now working to determine how many of those children received the flu vaccine.”

Sources: April 27, 2010 

Looks like we’re in for another rousing round of flu vaccine debacles this year, starting off with Australia banning this year’s seasonal flu vaccine for children under the age of five due to an unusually high number of children suffering adverse effects.

At least one Australian toddler has died, less than 12 hours after receiving the 2010-2011 seasonal flu shot. Her twin also suffered from vomiting and fever, but has reportedly recovered.

So far, more than 250 adverse reactions have been reported in children under the age of five, raising serious questions about the safety of the vaccine for that age group.

CSL’s Fluvax appears to be the main vaccine under investigation. However, CSL has objected to being singled out, claiming that any of the other three vaccines on the Australian market could be to blame.

The majority of the adverse effects included vomiting, spiking a high fever, and convulsions.

Naturally, some go so far as to report that “flu experts have cautioned that the spike in reactions might yet prove to be illusory, or caused by factors unrelated to the vaccine.”

Right… As usual they want you to believe that the law of cause and effect is permanently disabled when it comes to vaccines.

As of now, Australian authorities are still trying to determine what caused so many children to experience adverse effects; whether it was one particular brand, or certain batches, or perhaps “an illusion”  of ill effect.

Were these Adverse Effects Really a Surprise?

Peter Collignon, Professor of Infectious Diseases at the Australian National University doesn’t think so, going on record stating that a recent clinical trial uncovered issues with the swine flu vaccine – adverse effects that are identical to those suffered by the children who reacted to the seasonal vaccine – but that the results of this trial appear to have been completely ignored.

In a recent interview with ABC News, Collignon said:

“The early warning signs were in the original studies by the vaccine manufacturer, CSL, in children, that was published in January in a journal called JAMA and this looked at about 370 children who were vaccinated last October with the swine flu vaccine.

And what was surprising is, particularly young children under the age of three, about 35 per cent of those developed a fever when they were given the lower dose of the vaccine.”

The interview also includes the rebuttal from Australia's chief medical officer Professor Jim Bishop, who disagrees, stating that that clinical trial was for the swine flu vaccine and is therefore unrelated, adding that “the swine flu vaccine has now been used in millions of children. We haven't seen high fever rates.”

On the one hand, they’ve had the good sense to suspend all seasonal flu vaccinations for children under five. But on the other, they’re now recommending all Australian children get vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccine instead, claiming that IT is completely safe…

This makes no sense, considering the fact that it was a clinical trial for the swine flu vaccine that showed that a substantial number of children experienced adverse reactions, as can be seen in this chart.

In some of the study cases, the fevers were so high that researchers decided not to give the children their follow-up doses.

So exactly WHEN will the authorities take these clinical study results into account?

They claim the swine flu vaccine is safe, despite what the clinical trial showed, and they claim the adverse events suffered after the seasonal flu vaccine is unrelated since the adverse events recorded in the clinical trial was due to the H1N1 vaccine.

Talk about running in circles, claiming everything is safe no matter what the clinical results show!

Folks, I hope you don’t fall for this dangerous nonsense.

Vitamin D More Important than Flu Shot to Avoid the Flu

There’s convincing evidence that vitamin D deficiency predisposes you and your child to catch the flu, and children who are vitamin D deficient may also be at higher risk of dying from the flu.

I urge you to review the data linking vitamin D status to the flu, and to reconsider subjecting yourself and your child to any of the flu vaccines this year.

Homeopathic Uses Of Silver Sol

Suggested Uses of Silver Sol Products

If you have a nebulizer put 2 teaspoons of Silver Sol in the medicine cup, and inhale it every 3-4 hours during the day for 10 days, or until symptoms subside.  Then you can you can switch to taking it orally for the remainder of the the month, then go to the maintenance dose of 1 teaspoon morning and night. You may use the nebulizer at any time, if you feel the necessity.

If you don't have a nebulizer, take two teaspoons orally of Silver Sol every three to four hours during the day. Others have reported their symptoms subsiding in about 10 days. Keep taking this dosage for 30 days, then you may reduce to 1 teaspoon in the morning and 1 at bedtime. This maintanance dose has been found to be sufficient to prevent the recurrence of asthma attacks.

Athletes Foot:
Spray Silver Sol directly on the cleaned infected area and let dry. In addition, saturate a clean sock, let it dry then wear it as usual over the infected area. Or use Silver Gel instead by putting a generous amount on the infected area and let it dry.  Do this morning and night until the infection clears.  3-5 days.

Burns and Cuts:
Depending on comfort level you can either spray the Silver Sol on it and leave uncovered and wet for 5-20 minutes per application. Or if touch is tolorable, use a generous Silver Sol Gel on it instead, and let it dry then put a second layer of gel on it, and let it dry. then cover. Apply one to three times per day, depending on severity, until healed. Personal reports suggest that the burns and cuts will heal very rapidly. One little girl had splashed scalding oil on her face and had a large burn area. Her mother sprayed the solution directly on the burn twice daily and left it wet with the solution for 15-20 minutes. The girl showed an 85%-90% recovery within two weeks. Six months later, there was virtually no visible scarring on the girl. 

Cankers and Other Mouth Sores:
Swish approximately one tablespoon of Silver Sol in your mouth for at least five minutes. Or place ASAP Gel directly on the sore.  Repeat this two to three times a day. Noticeable improvements within 24 hours have been commonly reported.

Diabetic Neuropathy:
Because of impaired circulation, it is common that for diabetics cuts and scratches heal more slowly. Taking Silver Sol appears to shorten healing time and also reduces pain in the extremities. Take 2 tsp per day orally, and then put Silver Gel directly on the affected areas two to three times daily.

Diaper and Other Rashes:
For diaper rash put Silver Gel on the area let at each change of diaper. Leave wet and put on new diaper. Use it for other skin irritation and rashes, spray affected area and leave wet for at least five minutes. Repeat two or three times per day. Expect improvement in most cases within 24 hours. 

Ear Aches:
Most ear infections are caused by Steptococcus pneumonia or H. influenzae bacteria. The all of the silver products has been proven to kill both organisms; however, Silver Sol, works the fastest. Lie down on bed or couch with affected ear facing up. Place five to seven drops of silver in ear. Remain in this lying position for a minimum of ten minutes, preferably for at least 30 minutes. Repeat two or three times per day. Noticeable improvement has been reported in as little as 4-24 hours.

Eye Infections:
The US EPA has reported that silver is neither an eye or skin irritant. Silver has also been used in the eyes of newborn babies for over a hundred years because of its ability to combat eye infections. Spray or drip a few drops of the Silver Sol into the eye, two to three times a day to combat infection. Good results have been reported within 1-3 days. The silver has also been used to alleviate sore or tired eyes, use the same as directed above.

Take one tablespoon of Silver Sol by mouth two to three times per day. Hold the solution in the mouth (gargle, if possible) for three to five minutes before swallowing. Provided one takes the colloidal silver at the onset of the flu, noticeable improvement has been reported in one to three days. If the flu has become entrenched in the body, improvement is slower. If you have a fever take 1 tablespoon every hour, until fever subsides.  (Independant lab studies show that Silver Sol kills every form of Influenza they have tested it on, including Influenza A, and The Bird Flu; however it has not been tested on swine flu yet.)

Food Poisoning:
Silver Sol has been proven to kill six types of bacteria that commonly cause food poisoning. Drink one ounce of solution at onset. Positive results have been reported in as little as 10 minutes, and as long as three hours.

Fungus Infections of the Feet:
A well-regarded veteran, east coast podiatrist treated one patient with mycotic toenails with Silver Sol. The results were sufficiently impressive over a four-month period that he has begun treating others with this solution. File the shine off the toenail (to increase porosity) and then spray the solution directly on the infected toenail or apply the Silver Sol Gel directly on the toenail and surounding skin. Repeat two to three times daily.

Inflammation of the Joints:
Laboratory personnel have noted that in addition to its ability to kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of yeasts, Silver Sol is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Researchers have suggested that this may be one of the reasons that the pain from conditions like earaches and canker sores recedes so quickly. In order to informally test this theory, one researcher donated a bottle of the silver to a young woman suffering from fibromyalgia, which causes a painful swelling in the joints and also the muscle tissue. She reported that after using one teaspoon per day of the solution for one week, she was able to reduce her joint pain medication by 90%. She claimed that almost all the swelling was gone from the joints and also that her energy level had dramatically improved.

Insect Bites:
Excellent results have been reported using the Silver Sol Gel to alleviate the burning and itching of insect bites and stings. Relief from a multitude of different bugs bites have been reported including, mosquitoes, spiders, hornets and even blue centipedes from Hawaii. Apply to the affected area three times a day. Good results have been reported in as little as 30 minutes.

Spray Silver Sol on rear of throat and gargle with at least 1 tablespoon three to four times per day. Expect relief in two to three days. If the laryngitis is accompanied by a sore throat, see the section on “sore throat” below.

Nursing mothers may be hesitant to take antibiotics while nursing their babies. It has been reported that one teaspoon of Silver Sol four times a day has cleared up mastitis in two days.

Sinus Infection:
Using Silver Sol, irrigate with one-half to a whole teaspoon per nostril, three times per day, or use a nasal sprayer and do 4 sprays per nostril every hour. If you sneeze do it again. Relief can be noticeable in 24 hours, with complete remission often occuring in two to three days.

Sore Throat:
Both the antibacterial and the anti-inflammatory properties of Silver Sol, may play a role in their affect on sore throats. Take one to two tablespoons, gargle for four to five minutes, then slowly swallow a little at a time. Repeat two or three times per day. It may also be helpful to spray or drip some solution into the nasal passages. Reports indicate noticeable improvement with 12-48 hours.

Silver is the number one treatment for burns across the U.S. One doctor has been using the Silver Sol Gel for over a year to treat radiation burns on his patients, and has reported outstanding results. Success has also been reported using the product for sunburn. Apply to the affected area. Let it dry, then apply it again. If it hurts to the touch spray Silver Sol on it and leave the solution wet on the skin until it dries. Repeat 2-3 times in the first 5-6 hours after occurrence. Relief has been reported in as little as 4-12 hours.

Tooth Decay:
In laboratory tests Silver Sol has been proven to kill two of the primary bacteria implicated in tooth decay. Take one or two teaspoons, circulate the solution in your mouth for four to five minutes. Then swallow. You can also brush your teeth with the Silver Gel, and don't spit out or rinse after brushing.

Urinary Tract Infection:
A woman who had a recurrent urinary tract infection for five years, reported that antibiotics would appear to kill the infection, but that it would reappear soon after she stopped taking the antibiotic. She took two teaspoons a day of Silver Sol for ten days and her doctor told her that the infection had cleared up completely. (Silver Sol works faster in killing bacterial infections such as this.) In laboratory tests it has been shown that any Silver Sol product has been able to kill seven different types of bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.

Vaginal Yeast Infection:
Take 1 teaspoon of Silver Sol by mouth three times per day to kill gastro intestinal yeast overgrowth also. Apply Silver Sol Gel all over a tampon and insert, then apply the gel to the external vaginal area.  Leave the tampon in for 4 hrs and then repeat the process until simptoms clear.  Users have reported that infections have cleared up in as little as two days.

How Silver Sol Works

Research continues to better understand the mechanisms of action that enable silver sol’s effectiveness against pathogens. At present, four methods have been isolated and documented. These are:

  • Chemical Structure/Contact
  • Resonance
  • Magnetic Disruption of Viral DNA
  • Cellular Communication

The following quotations from Dr. Gordon Pedersen’s book “A Fighting Chance” (2nd. edition, page 15 – 18) provide an overview of silver sol’s four scientifically studied methods of attacking pathogens.

Chemical Structure/Contact

Silver sol particles are tiny enough to be absorbed into a single red blood cell. Pure silver is supercharged and surrounded by a chemical shell that is missing two electrons (called ionic because it carries a charge.) This means the tiny silver particle wants to attach to the thin cell walls of pathogens and remove one or two electrons. This leaves a hole in the cell membrane and kills the pathogen. Normal cells have thicker, more protective cell membranes that have a balanced charge, resulting in selective protection from the silver’s oxide coating that kills bacteria on contact.


There are healthy and unhealthy resonances. For example, imagine a vibrating back massager compared to the jolting frequency of a jackhammer. In a similar way, silver resonates at a frequency selectively destructive to pathogens. In fact, it has been measured to resonate at 890 to 910 terahertz. This is the same frequency at which germicidal ultraviolet light resonates. Imagine now tiny silver particles that are small enough to be absorbed into the red blood cells, and resonate at the perfect frequency to destroy bacteria, viruses, and yeast. These tiny “flashlights” circulate throughout every capillary in the body, disinfecting from the inside.

Magnetic Disruption of Viral DNA

A virus is constructed of a capsid that contains incomplete segments of DNA and RNA. These DNA segments carry a slight magnetic charge. There is a claw on the outside of the virus that attaches the virus to a healthy cell. Once the virus is attached to a healthy cell it can “inject” the incomplete DNA into the healthy cell, producing damage to the normal DNA and causing it to reproduce abnormally. This can cause viral diseases like influenza, hepatitis, and cervical cancer.

The new supercharged silver acts like a magnet that attracts the charged DNA particles. The DNA binds so tightly to the silver that it makes a chaotic tangle of incomplete genetic material that can never lengthen out, so it can never go through replication. This inactivates the virus and prevents replication of viral disease. Normal cells have thicker, more protected cell membranes with a balanced charge, which protects them from the silver’s magnetic attraction.

Cellular Communication

Most cells communicate through a sugary coating. This coating lets the cell know friend from foe. Silver has a “friendly” sugar coating that allows it to positively communicate with cells. This way, silver nano-particles can enter into an abnormal cell and attack pathogens before they have a chance to replicate.

Silver Sol and the Successful Treatment of Hospital Acquired MRSA in Human Subjects With Serious Ongoing Infection.

Gordon Pedersen, Ph.D.


The patented form of Silver Sol (US Patent # 7135195) has been shown to destroy bacteria, viruses and mold in vitro and living systems (23). Staphylococcus aureus can be completely destroyed by Silver Sol in as little as two minutes and in vitro studies show it will stay dead for 28 days (24).  Rustum Roy Ph.D. reported that strains of resistant staph (MRSA) could be destroyed by the Silver Sol treatment in vitro (25). The University of Cal Berkely reports that Silver Sol can completely destroy in vitro forms of MRSA (Methicillin resistant staph aureus) and VRE (Vancomyocin resistant Enterococcus) at levels as low as 2.5 ppm in as little as 45 to 60 minutes (26).  With MRSA continuing to mutate and sustain resistance to antibiotics, it is encouraging to report the findings from this study which demonstrate an all-natural opponent to this modern day plague.

This study demonstrates the benefits of Silver Sol on human subjects with serious MRSA infections of the skin.  These patients were hospitalized and contracted their MRSA infections while staying in the hospital. Patients wound size, depth and closure rates were photographed and digitized for weekly calculations that quantified the time to wound closure and overall seriousness of the infection. Before, during and after photos demonstrate a visual accounting of the benefit of the Silver Sol treatment. All treatments were given by the hospital medical staff where patients received silver sol gel sprayed topically on the wound twice daily and orally ingested 2 teaspoons of the liquid silver sol twice a day.

The results of this study indicate that twice-daily treatment with silver sol gel (spray form) and twice-daily oral ingestion of liquid Silver Sol significantly improved treatments of hospital acquired MRSA infections in human subjects. The average time to closure improved, and patients taking silver sol reported a significant reduction in pain associated with the wound.

Literature Review

Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is approaching pandemic levels and there is an immediate need for a substance like Silver Sol in controlling this potentially fatal disease. MRSA is a resistant variation of the common bacterium staphylococcus aureus. It is resistant to a significant group of antibiotics called the beta lactase, which include penicillins and cephalosporins (2). The organism is often sub-categorized as community associated MRSA (CA-MRSA) or health care associated MRSA (HA-MRSA). CA-MRSA cases were first reported in the late 1980's.   Recently HA-MRSA has plagued the medical professionals and patients that work or live in hospitals. It is estimated that as much as 60% of Hospital nurses carry MRSA in their noses and on their skin (2). The CA-MRSA predominantly afflicts athletes, prisoners, nurses, soldiers, Native Americans, Native Alaskans, and children in inner cities (Wikipedia, 2008). MRSA could be considered to be a modern day plague because it has evolved the ability to survive treatment with most antibiotics including methycillin, dicloxocillin, nafcillin and oxacillin.

Hospitals have a special need for help in patients with open wounds that use invasive devices, or have a weakened immune system. These patients are at greater risk, which is also seen in the hospital employees who do not follow meticulous hygiene and proper sanitizing procedures. They may self-infect or transfer the contagion to patients or visitors. A study reported form the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (2008), concluded that the poor hygiene habits remain the principle barrier to a significant reduction in the spread of MRSA. They also indicate that this hospital risk is exponentially great when you combine the propensity for the general public to spread this superbug in public restrooms, restaurants, airplanes, nurseries, schools, athletic events and in the home. 

MRSA is progressing toward pandemic proportions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), estimated that the number of MRSA infections doubled nationwide, from 127,000 in 1999, to 278,000 in 2005, while at the same time deaths increased from 11,000 to more than 17,000 (2). According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA Oct, 2007), MRSA was responsible for 94,360 serious infections and associated with 18,650 hospital -stay related deaths in the United States in 2005. The statistics suggest that MRSA infections are responsible for more deaths in the U.S. each year than AIDS (3).

MRSA is growing out of control and the statistics suggest grave outcomes, but the level of seriousness is arguably misunderstood due to the fact that a study performed in San Francisco 2005, reported that approximately 1 in 300 residents suffered from MRSA. While during the course of the same year 85% of these infections occurred outside of the health care setting (4). A hospital study (5) reported that MRSA patients had, on average, three times longer stays (14.3 days vs. 4.5 days), incurred three times the expenditure ($48,824 vs. $14,141), and experienced five times the risk of in-hospital death (11.2% vs. 2.3%) as compared to patients without this infection (5). Wylie et al, reported a death rate of 34% within 30 days among patients infected with MRSA (6). The most common site of infection includes: The anterior nares (nostrils), respiratory tract, open wounds, intravenous catheters and urinary tract (6).

Hospitals in Denmark, Finland, Netherlands (8) and VA hospitals in Pittsburg (7) report that MRSA infections can be significantly reduced using sanitary methods that include swabbing the nostrils and hands with antibactierial protection. These studies demonstrate the potential benefits of an antibacterial agent prophylactically used on the hands and nostrils as long as resistance is not a potential long term problem.

MRSA is a resistant staphylococcus infection that usually presents as a patch of small pus surrounded by redness and swelling, and resemble pimples, spider bites, or boils that may not be accompanied by a fever and rash. The bumps become larger and spread where larger painful pus-filled boils can develop deep into the tissue (9). Approximately 75% of CA-MRSA infect the skin and whereas a minority of these infections can invade vital organs and cause sepsis, toxic shock syndrome, flesh eating (necrotizing) and pneumonia (10). It is not fully understood why some healthy people survive MRSA infections and others don't (10).

The current treatments of MRSA include Vancomycin and Teicoplanin, which are prescription antibiotics categorized as glycopeptides (11). The absorption of these antibiotics is very poor and must be given by intravenous administration to control systemic infections (12). There are several new strains of MRSA that have become resistant even to Vancomycin and Teiocplanin (13, 14).  Presently the use of Linezolid, Quinupristin/Dalfopristin, Daptomycin and Tigecycline are used to treat more severe infections that do not respond to glycopeptides such as Vancomycin (15).  In addition, oral treatments include Linezolid, Rifampicin + Fusidic acid, Rifampicin + Fluoroquinolone, Pristinamycin, Co-trimoxazole, Doxycycline or Minicycline and Clindamycin (26).

Nature (16) reported that there is a new drug which has demonstrated MRSA activity called Platensimycin (17, 18). It should be noted that some of the newest drug discoveries can cost $1600 per day which may prohibit their ubiquitous distribution.  

The spread of MRSA is complicated by the fact that hospitals discharge contagious patients into the community, workforce, schools, and general public (19). In the U.S. it is estimated that 95 million people carry staphylococcus aureus in their noses, of these 2.5 million carry MRSA (21), and 23% of these require hospitalization (22). MRSA is nearing pandemic proportions and there is a serious need for a daily use antibacterial that does not produce resistant strains of MRSA. Currently Silver Sol may be the only prophylactic use product that has activity against MRSA and could be used for prevention as well as treatment of MRSA because it does not produce resistant strains (25).

Materials and Methods

AHS is a hospital based elderly health care provider that approved the study of 308 subjects in their elderly care (nursing home) hospitals.  The patients were admitted to the hospital without MRSA. They had acquired the MRSA infection while in the hospital and the skin infections were ongoing for over one year.

The Medical staff treated and photographed the wounds before any silver sol treatment and every week during the treatment. The size and depth of the wounds were measured in centimeters and recorded weekly by the hospital staff.

Silver sol gel was sprayed (using a hand operated pump spray) on the wounds topically twice a day with magnetic.  Patients answered a questionnaire regarding their wellness, including pain evaluations.


The tables below illustrate significant improvement in the ability of Silver Sol to close a wound and improve the time to wound closure.

Table 1.0 Percent Wound Closure in HA-MRSA Patients (ongoing 1 year)

% Closed Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
100       98% 99%
90     97% XXX XXX
80   95% XXX XXX XXX

Table 2.0 Average Wound Size in Centimeters in HA-MRSA Patients

Wk 0 Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5
.25 cm .15 cm .10 cm .10 cm .10 cm .0 cm

Table 3 Summary of data

Percent wound closure on HA-MRSA wounds (ongoing 1 year)

Week size of wound (cm) % wound closure
0 .25 0
1 .15 67
2 .10 95
3 .10 97
4 .10 98
5 .0 100


The results of this study strongly suggest that Silver sol liquid and gel demonstrate the ability to destroy Hospital associated-MRSA and significantly improve healing outcomes. The results indicate that wounds close as much as three times faster than wounds not treated with silver sol, quantifying the benefits of silver sol.  Hospital associated MRSA can be fatal and cause serious infections even when treated with antibiotics, yet silver sol gel and liquid demonstrate improved wound treatment and improved time to wound closure in human subjects.  The improvements in wound healing, as identified by a shorter time to wound closure, suggests that there is an improvement in immune function due to the fact that silver sol reduces the bacteria in the wound. By reducing the bacterial infection wound healing improves by approximately three times and reduces pain in the process. This reduction in pain and improvement to healing can be attributed to the fact that infection, inflammation and tissue damage are reduced when using silver sol, and suggests there are several beneficial mechanisms of action at work. The fact that there are wounds in this study that are large enough to be difficult or impossible to close on their own, and yet when silver sol is used the wounds heal completely, suggest the possibility that stem cell activation is being produced as suggested by the previously published article from Nexus (27).

By observing the healing results published in this study, it is evident that this remarkable and bactericidal liquid and gel should be considered to be leaders in the defense against HA-MRSA.  When you review the photos in this study and combine the healing benefits with the previously published data that silver sol does not promote drug resistance it is encouraging to identify an all natural, broad spectrum opponent to the modern day plague called MRSA. 

The improvements demonstrated here suggest that Silver Sol can help improve healing times which could potentially reduce the overall cost of treatment by as much as three times and reduce the average length of stay in a hospital. This study demonstrates the benefits of Silver Sol in reducing the infectious nature of a skin born disease acquired in a hospital.  In today's world of mutating bacteria and antibiotic resistant infections producing potentially fatal disease, Silver Sol could be the health vector that helps reduce the health risk to all patients, staff and visitors in the hospital. 

The Safety of Using Silver Solutions and the Risk of Argyria

Keith Moeller, American Biotech Labs, January 15th, 2008


Humanity has had a love affair with silver for thousands of years.  Historically the precious metal  was used in medicine, eating utensils, plates, cups, food containers, jewelry, money/coins, clothes, building materials, and as a disinfectant for water and human infection. Silver has historically touched almost every facet of life for those who could afford it.  Now, after thousands of years of study and magnificent gains in knowledge, science and technology, silver is still used for medicine, eating utensils, plates, cups, food containers, jewelry, money/coins, clothes, building materials, and as a disinfectant.  It remains an important part of our lives because of the extensively proven safety and utility of the metal.

Silver metal is naturally antimicrobial (killing harmful bacteria, yeast, fungus, virus), and yet has no negative effect on human tissue when used in reasonable amounts.  It has a natural anti-inflammatory action which reduces pain and promotes natural healing.  Silver is extensively used in medicine today.  Currently, there are over 80 FDA approved silver based products and more are being approved monthly.  Silver is the number one treatment for burns in U.S. burn centers, being administered in the form of gels and creams.  New silver coated catheters are used because they stop the urinary tract infections that were commonplace with the old ones.  New testing is producing silver heart valves that bacteria cannot damage.  To protect us from food poisoning, silver particles are now being put in cutting boards, table tops, surface disinfectants, and refrigerators. Silver is now widely used in clothing, not only for the military, but for the sportsman and businessman.  It is woven and impregnated into the fabric to kill bacteria that cause body odor, and even to fix that smell that comes from your son’s basketball shoes.  It is being used on and in foods, as a decoration and disinfectant.  Because of its high conductivity, silver or silver alloys are used in almost every electrical connection in your house, from your toaster to your shaver, computer, hot water heater, car, coffee maker, and even your cell phone.   New applications are being engineered daily and include numerous areas in the dental and medical field.  A new peer review paper will show that it is likely that a new silver liquid may save your life in the event of an H5-N1 bird flu pandemic.  It is safe to say that silver is used almost every day by every man, woman, or child in the civilized world.

Can Silver Cause Heavy Metal Poisoning Or Toxic Nephropathy?

Many doctors, scientists, and now news men, have as of late, been claiming that silver is a problem because it is a heavy metal, and as such can poison the body.  The problem is not with the silver but with the misinformed and inadequate knowledge of the people speaking about things they know little about.  The real answer is that silver is not toxic when used at reasonable levels and quantities! Any substance, even water, in excessive amounts can be fatal.  Toxic nephropathy or heavy metal poisoning is defined as, “Any functional or morphologic change in the kidney produced by an ingested, injected, inhaled, or absorbed drug, chemical, or biological agent.”  The MERCK Manual is sometimes referred to as the “Scientific Bible Of Diagnosis And Therapy” by many scientists and doctors.  Silver is the only heavy metal not listed in the manual for causing heavy metal poisoning, because it does not cause it. (See MERCK manual (17th Edition, Pg 1880, table 226-1, third item listed, for the full list of heavy metals that cause toxic nephropathy).   In a recent peer - review paper “Ultradilute Ag-Aquasols with extraordinary bactericidal properties: the role of the system Ag-O-H2O.”  (Materials Research Innovations, vol. 11, no. 1, (2007) pages 3-18) on the subject of the safety of consuming metallic silver, the paper states (page 1, first paragraph of the introduction), “A recent paper by Das et al. Provides the remarkable datum that some 275,000 kg [(605,000 pounds)] of edible metallic silver foil are consumed every year (in food) in India.  No known adverse health effects have ever been recorded.  This epidemiological evidence that silver as a metal is not toxic in any way needs no further comment.  Further support for the obvious safety of consuming metallic silver (Ag0) is in the worldwide consumption of (so called) silver colloids, often made at home in primitive electrochemical cells by probably some millions of citizens, again with no ill effects.”  It is estimated that the Indian tradition of eating candy and cakes wrapped in metallic silver foil (eaten foil and all) came from their historically gained knowledge that in their warm, moist climate with little refrigeration of foods, eating the silver-covered candy and cakes after meals would kill the bacteria consumed with the food, before it had a chance to do damage to their body systems.  In other words, the people of India have proven over the last thousand years that eating or consuming large amounts of metallic silver has no negative effect on the body or body systems.

What Is Argyria?

What is Argyria and will I get it if I use silver products?  These are two very common questions.  They are important because each of us needs to know that any product we are using or giving to our families is safe, and will at the least do no harm to them.

Silver products alone are generally non-toxic and have no negative side effects, if used in reasonable amounts.  However, the extreme misuse of some silver salt compounds may cause a condition called argyria.  Argyria has no known negative side effects except that it causes a greying or blueing of the skin color.  The condition is non-toxic and only cosmetic in nature.

What Causes Argyria?

Put simply, argyria can result if there is so much chemical or ionic silver in the body at one time that the body cannot wash it out fast enough through both the urinary and fecal tract systems.  In order to get rid of this excess silver, the body just walls it off in the cells.  In most cases the discoloration is permanent.  It is the equivalent of getting a tattoo by misusing silver products in an extreme way.  The condition is very rare, even in people who consume large amounts of ionic or chemical silver products.

Argyria has resulted from the extreme misuse of very strong silver solutions usually consisting of silver salts, including silver nitrate, silver arsphenamine, silver chloride and possibly silver iodide.  These products were sold until about 1975 under various labels with solutions containing levels of silver ranging from 5-30%.  That means that these FDA - type products were used at levels as high as 50,000-300,000 ppm (parts per million)(Federal Register, FDA-21CFR Part 310, pg. 53685).  That is the equivalent of 5,000 to 30,000 times more silver than is used in most silver supplement products sold today, which would be from 10-30 ppm depending on the use.  Argyria has also been known to rarely result from the extreme misuse of some home-brew products (home made- usually small machine - battery produced products) where they are consumed daily in large quantities (8-24 ounces daily over years of time).

Minimum Amount Of Silver Intake Known To Cause Argyria Historically

The minimum amount of silver ever known to cause argyria in adults from the use of any silver compound (including salts) is 900 mg of silver taken orally in one year.  In order to reach this level of silver intake, an individual would have to consume at least 380 - 8 oz. bottles of a 10 PPM silver product within a year. Testing suggests that an average adult dosage of about ½ to 1 teaspoon taken one to three times daily, is usually sufficient to cause a generally helpful effect in connection with the human immune system.  This means that an individual would have to consume over 50 times the normal adult dosage every day for a year, to even reach the lowest level ever known to cause argyria.   It should be noted that EPA standards for the amount of silver that can be safely consumed in drinking water is about an ounce per day (EPA RED document page 2, 4th paragraph).  It is also important to note that even during the years from 1918 to1940 when silver was a government approved antibiotic alternative of sorts, and millions of people using these very strong (high content) silver products, there were only about 7-12 people a year who developed generalized Argyria.  Remember in those days, antibiotics did not exist, and if the choice was to have a very remote chance of turning grey or to be dead, most people would choose grey.  After all, dead is a permanent side effect.

Only Ionic Or Chemical Forms Of Silver Can Cause Argyria

A new peer-review report from Pennsylvania State University was just released after years of studying a number of colloidal silver and silver aquasol products purchased from the U.S.  market.  The paper was authored by Professor Rustum Roy, along with seven other professors and scientists from leading universities.  The report is titled, “Ultradilute Ag-Aquasols with extraordinary bactericidal properties: the role of the system Ag-O-H2O.”  (Materials Research Innovations, vol. 11, no. 1, (2007) pages 3-18). On the subject of ionic vs metallic silver for human use, the report states (page 2, fourth paragraph): “In spite of this enormous range of data, it is extraordinary that no major effort has been made to confirm and expand on the role of metallic silver in human health–especially in light of its huge advantage in lack of side effects. (Ingestion of excessive amounts of ionic (soluble) silver , not metallic solid particles is reported to have resulted in a very rare condition labeled argyria, an (irreversible?) darkening of the skin.  No one has died of this condition.  The safety of metallic silver sols is firmly established by the data cited above.)”   In other words the skin condition called argyria is only caused by chemical or ionic forms of silver, not by metallic silver or metallic silver nano-particle products.

Silver Washes Out Of The System Quickly

According to the EPA IRIS Report on silver (Integrated Risk Information Systems, 5th page, 1st paragraph) it states that a number of tests were completed to test the absorption and retention of ingested silver in a number of animals, including primates (we are primates). In its conclusion, the test work indicated that between 90-99% of ingested silver was excreted on the second day after ingestion, and greater than 99% was excreted in less than a week. So, in other words, almost all of the ingested silver was out of the body in only two days, and most of the rest was out of the body in a week.  They found that silver does not build up in the system.

No Comparison Between The New And Old Products

The new patented and engineered nano-silver products have been proven to kill bacteria at levels of between 0.10-5 ppm, and since the old silver products ranged between 50,000-300,000 ppm, there is really no comparison.  These new products are effective with concentrations of 5,000 - 30,000 times less silver in the solution.  Better technology, which produces a more useful (bacteria lethal) engineered silver nano particle, would seem to be the difference.  Because these silver products effectively kill bacteria using substantially lower levels of silver, the risk of any possible side effects has been all but eliminated.

Home-Brew Products

Many people say that they do not need to buy commercial silver products because they have a little machine at home that will make it for pennies per gallon.  Would they also yank willow bark off of a tree and chew it when they have a headache?  Willow bark is used to make aspirin.   The point is that when they make that product in their house, they have no idea what they are making or drinking. It could have one part per million silver or 10,000 parts per million. There is really no way to know with any assurance, unless you tested each and every batch of product that was made, using an AA (atomic absorption) or equivalent type of machine.  An AA machine can measure silver levels in liquid in parts per million or even parts per billion.  Tests show that home-brew machines produce products that vary dramatically with each batch of product made., One batch could be 3 ppm silver, the next might be 300 ppm.  This is true even if the same water, the same silver, and the same machine are used to produce it. 

There is no simple way to accurately control or measure the product that is made in the home made silver product machines.  Recent tests on a number of those small “home-brew” machines have shown that the product that they make is usually of very poor quality. Also it was found that the home-brew products are made up of mostly ionic or soluble silver particles, not metallic particles.  There are also a number of other minor problems associated with these machines.  The first problem is that many of the particles that these machines make are usually too big to enter into the human system, and thus are mostly ineffective.  The second problem is that because the products are so ineffective, the people who use them usually have to drink a lot of the product to get a positive reaction.  Third, the increased amount of home-brew product needed to get a good reaction can be way above what a person should drink by government guidelines. When people drink large amounts of heavy or loaded home-brew silver products, they potentially expose themselves to the condition called argyria.  Even among the hundreds of thousands of home brew product makers, the argyria condition is very rare.  The news media seems to love to find one or two of them every year or so and put them on the air as some sort of freak show.

The Safety Of Medicinal Silver Use Compared To Modern Antibiotics

In an EPA report on drinking water (report ECAO-CIN-026 revised Jan.1991- Section VI, pages VI-1) states that silver has been used therapeutically for centuries. Two doctors in the report who were injecting silver into people stated, (Hill and Pillsbury 1939, page VI-2)  “the ordinary clinical use of silver compounds practically never gives rise to any gross untoward effect other than argyria.”.  The paper also states (bottom of page VI-11), “There is no evidence that argyria alone is associated with any adverse effects other than the pigmentation.” In other words, the only potential side effect from the extreme misuse of medicinal or supplement silver products, is the rare condition called argyria.  In comparison, antibiotics currently being used by the medical community, are estimated to kill over 100,000 people annually as a negative side effect (JAMA December 2000, Barbra Starfield). The 100,000 people dead number only includes cases where antibiotics were used correctly, the number would be much larger if it included those given by mistake, or in bad combination.


There is no question about the safety and non-toxicity of using silver in its many human uses.  It has been safely used in almost every facet of human life for thousands of years.  It is the only heavy metal that does not cause heavy metal poisoning.  It is one of the most broad-spectrum, safe, and effective human disinfectant and healing agents that exists.  According to the EPA, who is in charge of defining safe levels of any mineral in water which is used for ingestion or drinking, the oral consumption of small amounts of silver in water on a daily basis poses no significant degree of risk.  Unless an individual were consistently consuming (every day for over a year) over 50 times the recommended daily dosage of a 10-30 ppm product, there would be literally no possibility of that individual contracting the non-toxic condition called argyria. Those people who use hundreds or even thousands of times the recommended daily dosages run a risk of turning their skin grey, but even then the condition is very rare.  There has been no reported deaths from the medicinal use of silver, in comparison antibiotics kill an estimated 100,000 plus people annually.

Nano Silver Proven Safe for Humans

Keith Moeller, American Biotech Labs - Copyright 2009


A great deal of misinformation has been released from the media claiming that nano-silver products have not been tested for safety, and that it is unknown what effects the products may have on people or the environment. It has also been stated that these silver products can cause heavy-metal poisoning. Little, if any, of this attack on nano-silver has validity, and more importantly it is the work of people or special interest groups that have something else to gain by limiting a persons free right to have and use safe silver products. American Biotech Labs has spent millions of dollars on testing the safety and efficacy of nano-silver technology products.

EPA Registration

American Biotech Labs already has been awarded a registration for two of their ASAP nano-silver products from the EPA, after having completed thousands of antimicrobial tests meeting strict EPA guidelines. Those products have 10-minute-kill-time claims for both home and hospital disinfection against deadly pathogens like staph, yeast, and black mold, etc. The products have also been approved for disinfecting dental water lines used to spray into human mouths, as well as heating and ventilation systems for home and industrial use.

Nano-Silver Safe For The Home And The Environment

Each EPA approved product is required to have safety information, and according to that information a toxic spill or EPA reportable spill amount is required to be printed in the product MSDS sheet (Material Safety Data Sheet). For example, a chlorine-type cleaning product (found for open purchase on store shelves right now) has a toxic spill rating of about three gallons, meaning that a spill of three gallons or more must be reported to the EPA and handled by HAZMAT authorities. In comparison, American Biotech Labs™ 32 ppm nano-silver product has a toxic spill rating of 12,500,000 gallons. An oil tanker will hold about a million gallons, which means that 12.5 oil tankers full of the ASAP nano silver disinfectant would have to spill their entire loads of the product together to be deemed a toxic event to the environment. The management of American Biotech Labs believes that there is no tank or vat large enough in the entire world that could hold and subsequently spill enough of the ASAP disinfectant product to actually be reportable as a toxic spill to the environment. In other words, American Biotech Labs™ nano-silver disinfectant product is perhaps the safest disinfectant product, for environmental reasons, ever approved to kill bacteria, mold, yeast and other pathogens.

Nano-Silver Tested For Cyto-toxicity (Will It Harm Human Cells?)

A number of independent cyto-toxicity tests have been completed on American Biotech Labs’ nano-silver products. At both 10 and 22 ppm, the products were found to do no damage at all to either human or monkey cells, meaning that they were found completely non-cyto-toxic. ASAP nano-silver gel products were tested for cyto-toxicity at both 24 and 32 ppm by an independent FDA/EPA approved lab. According to FDA guidelines, the cyto-toxicity is reported on a scale of 1-4 (4 being highly cyto-toxic and 1 being very safe for use). Both the 24 and 32ppm ASAP nano-silver products were deemed in the testing to be a level 1, in other words having little or no negative effect on the skin.

Ingested Nano Silver Toxicity Studies

Numerous ingested toxicity studies have been completed on American Biotech Labs™ nano-silver products. Some of the studies are outlined below. Independent LD-50 tests on animals at levels equivalent to approximately 200 times the normal internal use adult dosage were found to be non-toxic to the animals. A 28-day bird flu study completed by a U.S. NIH virology lab also included a toxicity study in which the animals were fed levels of the nano-silver at 10-200 times the normal dosage daily. The ASAP nano-silver products were found to be non-toxic to the animals in the long term study. A separate medical college study tested the ingestion of American Biotech Labs™ nano-silver product in animals at levels of 0.5 ml, 1.0 ml, and 1.5 ml daily for 28 days, and again found the product completely non-toxic to the animals. An Indian (WHO approved) lab tested the ASAP nano-silver products for toxicity in a mouse-model study at levels of 50, 500, 5,000 mg/kg. The product was again found to be completely non-toxic to the animals at all levels tested in the Indian study. A peer-reviewed preliminary HIV Human study found that the oral ingestion of 2 ounces daily for four months of the 10 ppm ASAP nano-silver product, had no negative effect on the seven human patients. A U.S. Congressional Testimony outlines the use of the ASAP nano-silver product at between 0.5-1.0 ounce daily use at 10 ppm, for human use of the product against malaria and other human ailments (120+ cases). In all cases, no negative effects were reported from any of the four hospitals and clinics that tested the product, by either external or internal use (mostly internal use).

Injected Nano-Silver Toxicity Studies

Two injected mouse model studies have been completed testing the ASAP nano-silver products at a level of 50 mg/kg, at both 10 and 32 ppm levels. Both studies found the products to be completely non-toxic to the test animals.

Will Nano-Silver Kill Probiotic Or Friendly Digestive Bacteria?

Two independent studies have been completed by two different major labs, testing the effect of American Biotech Labs™ ASAP nano-silver on probiotic or friendly and needed digestive bacteria. Both studies found that the ASAP nano-silver products would not even inhibit the growth of probiotic bacteria at all levels at which it is being used.

Does Silver Cause Heavy Metal Poisoning?

The claim that silver can cause toxic nephropathy or heavy metal poisoning is being made by both pseudo-scientists and the uniformed news media. The statement shows a complete lack of even the most basic scientific knowledge about silver. Toxic nephropathy is defined as 'Any functional or morphologic change in the kidney produced by an ingested, injected, inhaled, or absorbed drug, chemical, or biologic agent.’ Probably the most correct and widely accepted authority on the subject would be the MERCK Manual Of Diagnosis And Treatment. The 17th edition of the manual, on page 1880, shows the complete list of heavy metals that can cause heavy metal poisoning. The list includes a number of metals like copper and iron that are found in everyday vitamins, but silver is not listed in any form. It was not accidentally forgotten from the list, and it was not listed in the comprehensive list because it does not cause the problem! Listed under ‘Methemoglobin formers’ the Merck does list sodium nitrite as a cause of nephropathy, the importance of this being that if silver is mixed with heavy salt or sodium products, it could be classified as causing nephropathy, not because of the silver, but because of the heavy amount of salt contained in the matrix of the combined product. The heavy use of silver nitrate in the medical industry (both past and present) may have led people to the common, but incorrect misconception about silver.

Has The U.S. EPA Established An RfD Or Oral Daily Silver Intake Limit?

In 1991 the EPA issued an oral intake limit for daily use on silver to be 0.005 mg/kg/day (EPA RED Document pg.2). That means that according to the EPA guidelines for silver ingestion, an average size adult could safely consume the equivalent of one ounce daily of a 10 ppm silver product and not exceed the EPA established daily intake limit. On page two of the EPA RED document it states, ‘EPA does not anticipate that dietary exposure to these low levels of silver will be associated with any significant degree of risk’.

Can Oral Silver Consumption Cause Cancer?

It has been suggested by numerous pseudo-scientists that the long term use of silver can cause cancer in some form or another. The statement is false. The EPA IRIS (Integrated Risk Information System) Report on Silver states under the first paragraph listed under section 11.A.2., ‘ No evidence of cancer in humans has been reported despite frequent therapeutic use of the compound (silver) over the years’ . Again under section 11.A.4. it states, ‘ Further support for the lack of silver's ability to induce or promote cancer stems from the finding that, despite long standing and frequent therapeutic usage in humans, there are no reports of cancer associated with silver’ .

Can Silver Cause Cells To Mutate?

On page 9 of the EPA IRIS Report it states, ‘ No evidence of the mutagenicity of silver was shown in two available studies’ .

The European Commission Has Determaned The Oral Supplement Use Of Silver To Be Safe!

The European Commission, Health & Consumer Protection Directorate- General, Opinion listed under Directorate B - Scientific Health Opinions, on the use of silver in medical devices, beverages, and supplements, issued their opinion on June 27th 2000 after a comprehensive study of the subject. The opinion is stated in their conclusion on page eight. The opinion states, ‘ According to Annex IV of Directive 94/36, Silver (E. 174) can be used quantum satis to color both food and beverages, and the metal can also be ingested in the form of dietary supplements sold in ‘ health-food’ shops’. In other words they found that silver metal was safe for oral ingestion as a supplement!

Why Are There Some Negative Historical Reports On The Use Of Silver Products

Historically, silver was used at very high levels and mixed with numerous toxic compounds including arsenic, mercury, salt, iodine, and others. It was not the silver in these compounds that made the complex toxic, as listed in the reports quoting some reported case studies, but the other added products. There is a vast amount of data on the toxicity of the other compounds, like arsenic, which when added to silver could make the entire matrix toxic. The most widely used compound that was mixed with silver was salt, in the form of sodium nitrate. Silver nitrate was used at very high levels. Even when used at those high levels, the silver nitrate products were found to be only mildly toxic. Even found to be safe enough to put into baby’s eyes at birth. One toxicity study on rats (EPA Office Of Drinking Water report issued August 1988, Revised January, 1991 pg. III-18) cites an oral toxicity study completed on rats. The rats were given drinking water containing 1296 mg/l (equal to 1296 ppm silver ) of silver nitrate. Drinking the very high content silver nitrate as there entire drinking water supply daily, the animals remained healthy for 60 weeks (1year and 3 months). After the 60 weeks the animals started to deteriorate in health. After the 76th week the animals were returned to drinking regular water and all animals returned to normal health. This proved that even long term ingestion of huge levels of high-content silver nitrate, only had a mildly negative effect on the animals, and that effect was only temporary with no lasting effect once they were taken off the product.

Safest Means To Protect Our Homes And Families

In December of 2000, a JAMA article reported that more than 100,000 people had died that year as a side effect of antibiotics used correctly. That number did not include antibiotics that were misused. Of the millions of people consuming silver products of all types that year, no deaths were reported. If a child accidentally consumed one bottle of vitamins or household cleaner, or hundreds of other products in our homes, he or she would most likely be killed or at least harmed. In comparison, if that same child were to accidently drink an entire 16 ounce bottle of the EPA approved ASAP hospital disinfectant, he or she would not be harmed in any way. A major university found in its testing that this same product, which would not hurt a child, could kill the two most deadly bacteria found in hospitals (MRSA and VRE), even when it was diluted way down to only 2.5 ppm. The point is that silver may not be perfect, but it is by far the safest and most effective, hospital, home, and body disinfectant we have in the world today. It is the only safe way we currently have to fight off deadly infections and disease.

Proven Effective Against Pathogens

American Biotech Labs currently holds more than 160 independent studies from more than 60 different private, U.S. government, military, and also university labs. The studies include more than an estimated 10,000 individual antimicrobial tests. The ASAP nano-silver product has proven effective at eliminating malaria from the bloodstream in 4 different preliminary studies, in an average of just 3.34 days, by internal human ingestion. The product was proven, in an animal-model study at a U.S. government NIH lab, to be able to increase the survival rate of mice by 100% against the deadly H5-N1 Bird Flu virus, when using the product orally on a daily basis (also released in peer review journal). The product was proven in a preliminary, independent, peer reviewed journal article, to be able to increase the T lymphocyte count in 7 human AIDS patients by an average of almost 40%, in four months of oral usage at just 2 ounces daily. The product technology is patented to be able to kill TB, MRSA, Hepatitis b., HIV, yeast, and too many other pathogens to list here. The point is that it is very broad spectrum antimicrobial agent, which also has been tested found to be completely non-toxic to humans and animals at any level tested.

Personal Use

My personal anecdotal human safety study has been completed to date using myself as a test subject. I have ingested orally an average amount of approximately 2-5 ounces weekly of the ASAP nano-silver product for the past 10 years. I have consumed as much as 20 ounces of the product in a seven day period of time. I have, in addition, used the gel products on my face and hands and other body parts almost daily for two years. I have suffered no ill effects. I am not blue. My kidneys and liver function well. I have almost never been sick, even when people around me have been. I am in very good health. I know more than a dozen people who have used the product as long as I have. They, like me, have also experienced no negative side effects. I will continue my human study.


American Biotech Labs has already registered with the EPA as a pesticide, with approvals as a surface disinfectant, HVAC disinfectant, and also as a disinfectant for dental water lines. The company has been issued a toxicity rating showing that in order for the product to be toxic to the environment, 12,4500,000 gallons of the hospital disinfectant product would have to be spilled at one time. No tank or vat could even hold enough of the product at one time for it to be considered toxic in the event of any spill. American Biotech labs has completed millions of dollars of comprehensive, independent safety and effectivity data on its nano-silver products, including but not limited to: cyto-toxicity studies; injected and ingested studies at high and low levels of silver content and also for both short and long periods of time; also skin sensitivity studies. All studies have concluded that the ASAP nano-silver products are not toxic to cells, animals, or humans.

The U.S. EPA has issued an RfD for silver showing that a normal size adult could safely consume the equivalent of an ounce of a 10 ppm product daily for an entire lifetime (based on 72 years). The European Commission On Health And Consumer Protection issued an opinion after a comprehensive study on silver that metallic silver was safe for ingestion in drinks and food, and also could be sold in health-food stores as a supplement.

Silver is not a metal that causes heavy metal poisoning as has been reported by numerous pseudo-scientists. The Merck Index does not list silver as a compound that cases nephropathy.

Historically silver has been mixed with numerous toxic substances like arsenic, mercury and sodium nitrate. These substances were often reported as having some toxic effect when used in large quantities. The silver was not a toxic product in an of itself, but was sometimes reported as being toxic because of the other added substances.

My own personnel study of the safety of the nano silver product has been ongoing for the past 10 years, using an average of 2-5 ounces weekly. I have suffered no negative side effects from my long-term ingestion of the products. My study continues.

Humanity must be allowed some way to safely protect themselves and their families from deadly pathogens and infections that are rampant in our hospitals, schools, and homes. Silver may not be perfect, but it is by far the safest and most broad spectrum bacteria and infection killing substance available to mankind right now.