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Colloidal silver cures MRSA infections, purifies water, destroys candida and fights the flu - In spite of FDA ban

Bottled-water-pouring(NaturalNews) More than 90 years ago doctors and health practitioners discovered  the life-saving, disinfectant and germicidal properties in colloidal silver.  Anecdotal evidence has confirmed its efficacy as a natural antibiotic,  anti-viral and anti-fungal agent. The FDA, however, doesn't agree and ruled in  1999 that all colloidal silver products sold over-the-counter are unsafe and  mis-branded. They state they are unaware of any substantial scientific studies  or evidence that support its use for the treatment of serious disease. This is  one more area where government regulators being influenced by Big Pharma are  attempting to discredit the efficacy of a highly effective natural treatment for  infections. Read the details of the FDA ruling here:

Colloidal  silver is made by suspending microscopic particles of silver in liquid. Silver  has been used for hundreds of years not only medicinally, but as a preservative  to keep water and milk fresh because it prevents the growth of algae, bacteria  and other unwanted organisms. Colloidal silver was used extensively as a natural  antibiotic until the 1940s when the advent of "modern" antibiotics became  popular.

Over use of colloidal silver can result in a condition called  argyria, where the skin and mucous membranes turn gray or blue-gray in color as  a result of the silver particles depositing in the tissues and oxidizing when  exposed to air and sunlight. Some people are more prone than others to  developing this condition, especially those with low vitamin E and selenium  levels and those with slower metabolisms. The first signs of argyria are when  the gums turn grayish-brown in color.

There are compelling reasons both  pro and con for the medicinal use of colloidal  silver; however, in light of the lack of efficacy of many antibiotics and  the invention of super drugs to kill super bugs, one wonders where the risk really exists. Should you take larger and stronger doses  of super-killing antibiotics that often fail to work to fight infections?  Absolutely not! Should you use colloidal silver  in large quantities, long term? It's probably not a great a idea. Will colloidal  silver provide an effective medicinal agent for killing noxious bacterial  infections, life-threatening flu viruses and systemic fungal infections? Most  likely it will, based on the evidence of the past. Individuals choosing to use  colloidal silver should use caution and only take it to treat the existing  disease, rather than ingesting large doses daily for long periods.

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