Silver Particles - Size Matters
History of Colloidal Silver

Proving Silver Sol Works

Not just proven effective, SilverSol is patented.

SilverSol is unlike any other Silver Solution product you have ever seen before. American Biotech Labs holds a list of patents on SilverSol, the only silver product of it's kind. The only Silver Solution to be patented in over 80 years. It has been proven to be highly effective, non-toxic, has no side-effects, is hospital and lab tested, in worldwide use, and contains no chemicals or preservatives. Unlike antibiotics, it will not harm probiotic bacteria in the body or create bacterial or organism resistance.

This is just the beginning of the exciting and incredible discoveries that have been made on our SilverSol products. Breaking new ground in scienctific peer journals, and winning the attention of renown scientists at the most highly acclaimed facilities in the world. Read about the hundreds of medical and scientific studies and tests that have been conducted on these pages: