History of Colloidal Silver

SilverSol - Not Ionic Silver or Colloidal Silver

Until the creation of SilverSol, only colloidal or ionic Silver Solutions were available. Many competing Silver Solution retailers claim that SilverSol is a colloidal or ionic silver product. And they all claim that theirs is the superior product, naturally. However, none of them have been granted a patent for their process of creation, let alone two patents. The reason for this is simple – because SilverSol is unique.

SilverSol is a metallic Silver Solution and differs greatly from all other silver products on the market. It also delivers a huge difference in beneficial effect. This is not just the opinion of the manufacturer, but from a wide range of scientists at universities and independent labs that have taken it upon themselves to study the benefits of colloidal and ionic Silver Solutions in hopes of finding answers to some of the more pressing problems we have today.

First of all, the majority of ionic Silver Solutions you can buy today are fast and easy to create by adding chemically dissolved silver nitrate to distilled water. This is a highly unstable solution though, and a protein of some form such as potassium or citrate is added to render it stable. There is nothing unique or extraordinary about ionic silver. In fact, it is ionic silver that is most famous for causing the side effect from daily doses of supplement silver known as Argyria.

Ionic Silver Solutions are not pure water and silver particles as you can see now that you know how they are made. Colloidal Silver Solutions are also impure due to the way they are made.

SilverSol contains metallic silver particles that are coated with unique silver ions, a totally different thing than ionic silver. It is imperative that the control of particle size be precise for the most beneficial effect. SilverSol products have nano-silver particles that are smaller than average, giving them more surface area with which to deliver their incredible surface chemistry. It should be noted that silver particles that are too small stability drops and so does the positive effect of the product.

“In spite of this enormous range of data, it is extraordinary that no major effort has been made to confirm and expand on the role of metallic silver in human health–especially in light of its huge advantage in lack of side effects. (Ingestion of excessive amounts of ionic (soluble) silver, not metallic solid particles is reported to have resulted in a very rare condition labeled argyria, an (irreversible?) darkening of the skin. No one has died of this condition. The safety of metallic SilverSols is firmly established…”Prof. Rustun Roy, Penn State University

        There are many peer-review papers recorded that prove that the nano silver particles solution we offer you here at The New Silver Solution is without a doubt, completely different and far more beneficial to you, your family, your pets and your home. There is much more to know about how the metallic Silver Solution known as SilverSol is by far your best choice over colloidal or ionic silver products. You can read more in Keith Moeller’s article, Particle Size, And Ionic Vs. Metallic Silver Products

While both have been found to be effective disinfectants and antimicrobial agents, it is important to become aware of the many differences between them. The following chart highlights several of the differences between SilverSol and other silver preparations:


Colloidal or Ionic Silver


Nature of Compound

Silver Suspension

Silver Solution

Date of Development

Late 1800's

Late 1990's

Parts Per Million (ppm)

300 - 300,000 ppm

10 ppm



Exceeds 99%

Vibrational Frequency


890-910 THz
                (same as germicidal UV light)

Works By Catalytic Action



# of Missing Electrons




Can Contain Impurities

Lab Tested Safe

Can Cause Argyria


No Known Side Affects


Brown, Yellow or Silver



Strong Metallic Flavor

Faint Metallic Aftertaste




Our particle cores are pure elemental silver. Ionic and colloids do not have pure elemental silver at the core - it is impossible for any ionic or colloidal silver maker to create such a product. Additionally, those products have, at the very least, proteins which easily store in the tissue - if not the addition of harmful silver salts. SilverSol sold at The New Silver Solution is all pure elemental silver, which neither of the other solutions could ever contain! How can we be so sure? The very process that creates them is so unique - it is patented. Not once, but three times, with more patents pending.

        No Silver Solution is better or safer.

Competitors can claim whatever they like, but it is illegal to reproduce the elements in The New Silver Solution by any other manufacturer. This incredible technology will naturally flush all manner of opposition out of the woodwork. Controversy always hitches a ride on amazing new discoveries and success.