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Colloidal Silver a Wonderful Miracle For Cancer Patients

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Did You Know…that cancerous cells can actually revert to a healthy state within 24 hours when
treated with a special protocol consisting of DMSO and colloidal silver? Nicknamed “The Overnight Cancer Cure,” the DMSO/colloidal silver protocol was invented and refined by a member of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation. This protocol was designed specifically to transform
cancerous cells into healthy cells — fast.

The theory behind the DMSO/colloidal silver treatment is that cancer is caused by a specific microbe that gets inside healthy cells and causes them to become malignant. The protocol
draws heavily from the work of Dr. Royal Rife, who researched the relationship between cancer and microbes extensively in the early 20th century.

“Wonderful Medical Miracle”

DMSO, or dimethyl sulfoxide, is a by-product of the wood industry. Don’t be fooled, though, by such humble origins. Even doctors say this liquid is a “wonderful medical miracle.” Shortly after WWII, chemists discovered that DMSO has the ability to dissolve almost anything and to carry any dissolved substance along with it. It’s so powerful, in fact, that it’s often used as an industrial
solvent. Remarkably enough, it’s also completely safe for human use.

DMSO can penetrate areas in the body unreachable by any other means. It moves so rapidly though cell membranes that it has been nicknamed “water’s alter ego.” Within the cell, DMSO changes the structure of water molecules and — most importantly — increases cell permeability. That means the cell membrane is more easily penetrated. Cell permeability is key to how DMSO works in tandem with another miraculous healer: colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver: A Gifted Microbe Assassin

Colloidal silver has a special talent for killing microbes and keeping them out of your bloodstream. Since several types of cancer spread through the release of microbes, killing microbes is key to
halting cancer and supercharging your immune system. However, ridding the body of cancer-causing microbes poseschallenges because very few substances can penetrate the interior of a cell. As long as the microbes are within a cell, they are:

1. Extremely difficult to reach;

2. Prevent the cell from returning to its normal state

This is where DMSO becomes so valuable. With its ability to increase cell permeability, DMSO can carry the colloidal silver into the interior of your cells, where cancer microbes dwell. Once carried through the cell wall by DMSO, the colloidal silver can destroy microbes lurking within.

This Formidable Duo “Targets Cancers Cells Like a Guided Missile”.

DMSO and colloidal silver work so potently in combination that R. Webster Kehr, author of the original guide to the treatment protocol, described the duo as “designed by a higher power to target cancer cells like a guided missile.”

The protocol also helps convert cancer cells into normal cells. According to the online version of
Kehr’s guide: “The cancer cells will actually be able, within 2 or 3 weeks, to restore their Krebs Cycle and Electron Transport Chain and become normal, differentiated cells again. Thus, there is zero debris from dead cancer cells or broken-apart DNA. That is why the treatment is so effective so fast.”

How to Use the Protocol

According to natural health practitioners, the 2 components of this protocol must be taken in certain
quantities and at specific times. Several books on the treatment have been published, and details on the regime are readily available online. The protocol can be found at the Independent Cancer Foundation, Inc.’s website:  In his guide, Kehr notes that because the protocol can be tricky, especially in the beginning stages, it’s best to have a second person study the treatment to ensure you are following it correctly. It is advisable to keep that in mind when considering whether this treatment is right for you or a loved one who suffers from

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My notes:

This is a great article and I agree that the combination of DMSO and colloidal silver is a great one for getting rid of existing cancer - and I intend top share this article widely.

Two points I would like to make, though:

First of all, I do not agree with Webster Kehr about virtually all (or even most) cancer being caused by a single microbe (the h. pylori microbe, according to Webster). While various microbes may play a role in the development of cancer I think that Dr. Marc Swanepoel comes much closer to the
actual causes of cancer in this article:

Nevertheless, regardless of whether I agree with Webster's theory, I totally agree with DMSO and colloidal silver being a very powerful tool.

Secondly, I would not recommend that anyone rely on DMSO and colloidal silver as a sole treatment for cancer if for no other reason because I feel that a good anti-cancer protocol should address more than merely getting rid of existing cancer. I feel very strongly that one must adapt a comprehensive anti-cancer lifestyle that addresses diet, nutrition, stress management, liver
health and more AND, most importantly, addresses the root causes of cancer which allowed it to gain a foothold in the first place: which is likely a combination of toxins and poor cellular terrain caused by cells which have not been properly nourished, cleansed, hydrated and oxygenated. Thus my suggested comprehensive anti-cancer protocol which has had an estimated success rate of over

See also these articles, which explain the rational behind much of my suggested protocol:

Could Ebola now be airborne? New research shows lethal virus can be spread from pigs to monkeys without contact

Fears are growing that the most lethal form  of the Ebola virus can mutate into an airborne pathogen, making the spread of  the terrifying disease more difficult to check.

It was previously thought the untreatable  virus, which causes massive internal bleeding and multiple organ failure, could  only be transmitted through contact with infected blood.

But now Canadian researchers have carried out  experiments showing how monkeys can catch the deadly disease from infected pigs  without coming into direct contact.

Deadly: The Ebola virus, which causes fever-like symptoms, usually followed by organ failure and unstoppable bleeding, and eventually death

Deadly: The Ebola virus, which causes fever-like symptoms, usually followed by organ failure and unstoppable bleeding,  and  eventually death. New research shows that it could be transmitted through the  air

'Our findings support the hypothesis that  airborne transmission may contribute to spread, specifically from pigs to  primates, and may need to be considered in assessing transmission from animals  to humans in general,' they said.

The findings come as scores of people in  Uganda were yesterday isolated to prevent the spread of a new Ebola outbreak  that has already killed three in the country.

Ebola cause fatal haemorrhagic fevers in  humans and many other species of non-human primates. It was first reported in  1976 in Congo and is named for the river where it was recognized. There is no  cure or vaccine for it.

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- The doctors tried one antibiotic after another, racing to stop the infection as it tore through the man’s body,but nothing worked.

In a matter of days after the middle-aged patient arrived at University of Virginia Medical
Center, the stubborn bacteria in his blood had fought off even what doctors consider “drugs of last resort.”

“It was very alarming; it was the first time we’d seen that kind of resistance,” says Amy Mathers, one of the hospital’s infectious disease specialists. “We didn’t know what to offer the patient.”

The man died three months later, but the bacteria wasn’t done. In the months that followed, it struck again and again in the same hospital, invarious forms, as doctors raced to decipher the secret to its spread.

The superbug that hit UVA four years ago -- and remains a threat -- belongs to a once-obscure family of drug-resistant bacteria that has stalked U.S. hospitals and nursing homes for over a decade. Now, it’s attacking in hundreds of those institutions, a USA TODAY examination shows, and it’s a fight the medical community is not positioned to win.

The bacteria, known as Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, are named for their ability to fight off carbapenem antibiotics -- the last line of defense in the medical community’s toolbox. And so far, they’ve emerged almost exclusively in health care facilities, picking off the weakest of patients.

USA TODAY’s research shows there have been thousands of CRE cases throughout the country in recent years -- they show up as everything from pneumonia to intestinal and urinary tract
infections. Yet even larger outbreaks like the UVA episode, in which seven patients died, have received little or no national attention until now.

The bacteria’s ability to defeat even the most potent antibiotics has conjured fears of illnesses that can’t be stopped. Death rates among patients with CRE infections can be about 40 percent, far worse than other, better-known health care infections such as MRSA or C-Diff, which
have plagued hospitals and nursing homes for decades. And there are growing concerns that CRE could make its way beyond health facilities and into the general community.