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The Secret “Ebola Camp” FEMA Doesn’t Want You to Know About

The subject line of the email read, “Local NBC crew discovers secret FEMA concentration camp.”

The email came from one of the most levelheaded people I know. So I dutifully clicked on the link. And the links that followed.

What happened was this: A crew from WNYT-TV in Albany, New York, was doing a story about a historic cottage where President Ulysses Grant spent his final years. It sits near a prison the state of New York was days away from closing. A man identifying himself as a corrections officer came up and said, “No filming.”

After a little back-and-forth, he declared, “Look, I’m not going to go around with you on this. You’re going to leave the property.” Eventually, he called state police, asking them to detain the journalists and confiscate the video they’d shot.

The upshot, according to WNYT’s website: “After roughly an hour and calls between newsroom leadership, state police, and the Department of Corrections, our crew was allowed to leave without surrendering the video.”

To the people at 21st Century Wire, something is funky: “Clearly, this is not just an ‘empty prison,’ as WNYT reported.”

To a website called Intellihub, the takeaway was obvious: “Now, some, like myself, suspect that the old McGregor prison facility may be a newly staffed FEMA camp in preparation for the coming Ebola outbreak that has been hyped by the media.”


Look, we’re hip to the Rex 84 program, run by Lt. Col. Oliver North back in the ’80s — a plan to suspend the Constitution in the event of “national emergency.” And we know about the episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory TV show dealing with “FEMA camps” — by some accounts, the only one of 22 episodes that was never rerun after its first airing.

But truly — take it from someone who worked with TV reporters and photographers for 20 years: The encounter in upstate New York looks like a guy who thinks a badge grants him an extra measure of manhood… throwing his weight around in the post-Sept. 11 era, when any photography of a government building is deemed “suspicious.”

Bonus points: The run-in took place back in July. Weeks before “Ebola” became a household word.

We’re not sure what it is, but there’s something about Ebola that makes people a little — well, unhinged.

On an intellectual level, of course, it’s easy to acknowledge you’re statistically more likely to die from electrocution or skin cancer than Ebola. (For that matter, people in West Africa are still more likely to die from malaria.)

But deep in the limbic system — your “lizard brain” — lies a fear response that, for whatever inscrutable reason, is triggered by the thought of a disease that can liquefy your organs and drown you in your own blood.

Which means that even if the worst fears about Ebola never materialize, the mere existence of those fears can dramatically alter money flows.

“It’s just a matter of time before the next case is announced,” says FDA Trader editor Paul Mampilly.

If you read us regularly, you know Paul has been gravely concerned about Ebola. He still is.

“Nothing has changed with Ebola scenario. I still 100% believe that Ebola is going to become a problem in the U.S. and around the world.

“The arc of an epidemic like Ebola is sporadic at first,” he explains. “That’s what scientific models based on past epidemics show you, like this one in Zaire in 1995 that killed 200 people.

The Secret "Ebola Camp" FEMA Doesn't Want You to Know About

“As you can see in this chart, when Ebola starts, people die slowly first. And then the number spirals upward. Sound familiar?

“Right now, we’re in that beginning period in the United States, when infections and deaths are still low. Disastrous epidemics always follow the pattern of this chart. There’s no escaping it. In other words, the Ebola cycle is repeating itself, except this time in the U.S. and worldwide.

“So it won’t be long before the next case of Ebola shows up in New York, or Los Angeles or San Francisco and Chicago. Or where you live. The moment of Ebola panic is coming.”

“When it arrives, I believe a handful of stocks can go up by 300% or even more,” says Paul.

There’s a surfeit of junk you can find online about “Ebola stocks” — sloppily researched, hastily thought out. It’s no surer evidence of the old saw about you get what you pay for.

Paul, on the other hand, has 25 years of investment smarts, including a gig running a $5 billion hedge fund. And for the last 15 years, biotech stocks have been his special focus. Satisfied readers of FDA Trader write in to tell us that in only two weeks, they make enough money to cover their subscription cost for three years — and have $700 left over.


Dave Gonigam for The Daily Reckoning



Nov 7 2014

An eyebrow-raising admission at the end of a Forbes article written by pharmacologist David Kroll reveals that the media has agreed not to report on suspected Ebola cases in the United States.

In a piece entitled Liberian Traveler At Duke Hospital Shows Preliminary Negative Result For Ebola, Kroll describes attending a press conference involving Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos.

After revealing that “an unnamed official abruptly called the press conference to a close” when Wos was asked a difficult question about the suspected Ebola victim, Kroll then drops a bombshell.

“The Associated Press and other press outlets have agreed not to report on suspected cases of Ebola in the United States until a positive viral RNA test is completed,” he writes.

Kroll then felt the need to justify why he was talking about the suspected Ebola case at Duke Hospital, which subsequently turned out to be negative, explaining that he was, “covering tonight’s announcement of a potential Ebola case because it has been reported in my area, and at Duke University Medical Center, an institution where I hold an unpaid adjunct associate professor appointment in their Department of Medicine.”

The agreement between major media outlets and health authorities – presumably the CDC – not to report on potential Ebola cases in the United States was apparently made behind the scenes with no public discussion whatsoever. This is sure to heighten criticism of the CDC’s handling of the Ebola outbreak in the U.S., which is already under close scrutiny.

While the CDC will almost certainly claim that such an arrangement is necessary to prevent hysteria, many will see this as another example of how the mainstream press is more interested in acquiescing to government demands than keeping the American people informed. Read more


The Calm Before the Ebola Storm

ebola burying dead bodiesThe national polls are showing that Ebola, once dominating the national attention, have given way to interest in the Breeder’s Cup, the NFL and the coming Christmas shopping season. Let me remind everyone that our airports are still not closed to West African travelers as they are in 30 other countries. Our southern “border” is non-existent which makes us vulnerable to a bio-terror attack. It is a mistake to let our guard down in the face of what is coming. Yet, this is precisely what we are doing as a nation.

As I listen to “experts” and examine the data in a holistic fashion, I have concluded that we are in the period that is commonly known as the calm before the storm.

The Reproduction Rate of Ebola Defies Logic

Many Americans are stumped by the fact that the Ebola virus is not progressing at the expected rate according to the very conservative Reproduction Rate (R0) projections made by the CDC. The reason for this is simple, we obviously are not dealing with Ebola Restin or Ebola Zaire as we have been told. Further, the majority of Americans who have been suspected of having contracted Ebola are overwhelmingly medical personnel. This makes no sense. Once the virus is inside of the United States, it would spread far more quickly among general population than it would among the far less numerous medical personnel. Our country is doing NOTHING to present the spread of the virus, yet it is not spreading. Statistically, speaking we should have to go no further than this to realize that something is terribly wrong and the public is being lied to.

Based upon the actuaries that can be run in any SPSS statistical data base will tell you that the number of Ebola cases in the United States should approaching a thousand cases in advance of the exponential explosion which should be coming in about a month to six weeks. Yet, the infamous Dr. Spencer is the only known active case in America. This defies logic until one considers the fact that what is loose inside of the United States is not the much feared Ebola. Isn’t it interesting that we never hear or read about lab reports of the make up of the virus in the aftermath of the death of Thomas Duncan? This is more proof that MSM investigative journalism is dead and buried.

 Despite the Lack of Ebola Cases, the Administration Continues to Prepare

In the past six weeks, I have reported on the following:

1. The State Department ordered 165,000 Hazmat suits.

2. A total of 250,000 Hazmat suits are headed to Dallas.

3. The administration has ordered over a million Hazmat suits.

4. Bio-warfare labs are being relocated to African countries which do not have a treaty with the United Nations which would prevent such a move.

5. The development of Ebola vaccines continues at a dangerous and hasty speed and will be ready in January of 2015.

6. FEMA is conducting multiple “pandemic” drills this month.

7. Transport services designed to transport and then confine “Ebola” exposed individuals and patients have been set up by Human Health Services. Yet, these quarantine camps do not contain provisions for medical personnel.

8. Obama has expanded Executive Order 13295 in which a person can be forcibly quarantined for asthma, or a chest cold or anything else. This is a mass detention order.

Does anyone else think that these preparations are bit much for the one case of so-called Ebola that we presently have inside of the United States?

The Money Motive

These aforementioned contradictions are especially notable when we consider the fact that the CDC owns the patent on Ebola and everything up to 70% of the variance. The NIH owns the patent on the 2006 Crucell tested Ebola vaccine. Bill Gates has invested $560 million dollars in the Global Fund to dispense three vaccines which include TB, HIV and of course, Ebola. Do we really think that Bill Gates is not going to demand a return on investment?

These are the facts that have been documented on The Common Sense Show in the past six weeks beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Ray Charles could see the profit motive at work here. Yet, we have one active case inside of the United States. This defies any kind of logic.

If you cannot smell a set up, then you must surely be suffering from a cold.

The main goal is the implementation of mandatory vaccines for profit. Forget the fact that I have been told by many of my best sources that bio-terror false flag attacks are coming after the mid-term elections and the upcoming Christmas shopping season. Coincidentally, that is the time frame that the American people have been told that we will see the roll out of Ebola vaccines. Oh, the coincidences never seem to stop!

When Will The Pandemic Begin?

It is a fool’s errand to predict dates. However, in this case it is reasonably safe to say that nothing will happen until 2015. The globalists would not likely want to cut into their profits created by the Christmas shopping season. The so-called vaccines will not be ready for distribution until after the first of the year. Therefore, the most definitive that I can be is to say sometime after the first of the year is when we will see something rage across the country. It may not be Ebola, but we can bet it will be deadly.


Most of our people fail to appreciate where America is heading. Clearly, our national tyranny meters are turned off. I have reached my tipping point for tyranny. When will you reach yours?

Normally, I present my documentation as hypertext links embedded in key places in each article that I author. However, in this one case, I am putting my documentation at the end of the article because we are dealing with a systemic invasion of every aspect of our health care and soon to be our personal liberties. This requires the presentation of the facts in their totality. In other words, if you are new to this topic and truly want to understand what we are dealing with, a few hypertext links will not explain it. You need to spend an evening exploring the totality of what we are facing.

'Perfectly healthy' Florida girl, 10, is paralyzed with rare brain infection and can no longer speak - four days after receiving flu shot


  • Marysue Grivna, 10, developed acute disseminated encephalomyelitis days after getting her seasonal flu shot that has left her paralyzed 
  • The condition, an infection of the brain, affects about 8 in 1,000,000 people
  • In about five percent of ADEM cases, the patient had been immunized shortly before
  • Research shows ADEM is more common among those who get infections from viruses like the flu than those who get the vaccine

A 10-year-old girl in Florida has been paralyzed for almost a year with a rare inflammation of the brain and her family is blaming a flu vaccine.

According to Carla Grivna, her daughter Marysue was living a perfectly healthy and happy life until last year.

'She (used to) love school, she was running, playing, singing in the church choir,' Grivna told WTSP


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Suddenly sick: Carla Grivna said that Marysue was a healthy nine year old when she got her annual flu shot and suddenly became sick

Last November, Grivna took Marysue for her seasonal flu shot. She was healthy for the next couple of days, playing freeze tag with friends a few days before Thanksgiving. 

The next day, Grivna found her daughter paralyzed in her bed, able to open her eyes but unable to move her body or speak.

Grivna and her husband called an ambulance, and at the hospital received a sobering diagnosis - Marysue had a rare infection of the brain called acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, or ADEM.

Almost a year later, Marysue still cannot speak and must be carried to the bathroom by her father.

Most of her day is spent in a hospital bed, which is kept in the Grivnas' living room because it is too big to fit in her bedroom, according to a GoFundMe page set up by the family.

Now the Grivnas are saying 'the doctors won’t confirm it or deny it,' but they believe the flu shot was to blame. 

Paralyzed: Marysue is almost completely nonverbal and can hardly move, remaining mainly in her bed or wheelchair

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Paralyzed: Marysue is almost completely nonverbal and can hardly move, remaining mainly in her bed or wheelchair
Healthy: Grivna said that Marysue loved singing and playing before her paralysis from acute disseminated encephalomyelitis

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Healthy: Grivna said that Marysue loved singing and playing before her paralysis from acute disseminated encephalomyelitis

'Her father Steven and I are certain,' she told Fox News, 'due to all of our research, that this was what caused Marysue’s condition.' 

Research by the National Institutes of Health found that in five percent of ADEM cases, the patient had received a vaccine in the month before symptoms started.

In 2008, a 75-year-old woman developed ADEM two days after being vaccinated against influenza, eventually experiencing numbness and paralysis, before dying shortly afterwards.

However, doctors do not recommend against the vaccine, as researchers report a much higher percentage of ADEM cases are preceded by infection than their respective vaccines.

'If I get the flu I'm far more likely to get ADEM than from the flu vaccine,' said Dr Juan Dumois, director of infectious diseases at All Children's Hospital.

Recovery is possible, according to Dr Dumois, but after six months the chances of getting better drop significantly.

The family is currently trying to raise money in order to renovate Marysue's room to make it more accessible, and have raised just under $3,000 in 11 days.