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This Astonishing Juice Successfully Prevents Cancer, Diabetes, Gastritis And Lowers Blood Pressure

It has been discovered that the juice of potato is more effective than any medicine and proven to treat cancer, diabetes, gastritis, high blood pressure and many other serious illnesses.

The powerful properties of raw potatoes have long been known to folk medicine, but despite that, we still think it should not be consumed raw potatoes. It’s a mistake, because in its raw form, potatoes are very healthy and extremely useful food.

Juice of potato can also used as a hair treatment and it is known to help reduce the look of dark circles under the eyes.

With the ongoing misconceptions regarding the consumption of potatoes, it is worth mentioning that the prevailing opinion is that it is necessary to peel off the potatoes before eating, because its shell is poisonous.

In fact, the shell of organically grown potatoes does not contain any substances that are harmful to health.

The danger lies in immature potatoes with green skin and potatoes sprout. What makes immature potatoes dangerous is solanine – the poison that exists in germ and green parts of potatoes. With such a potato you can easily remove the shell before use to avoid any risk.

Health Benefits of Potatoes

Potatoes as a cure for many serious diseases

Several prominent experts, such as John Lesindzer and Dr. John Tucakov, wrote about the healing properties of potato juice.

Lesindzer believes that the potato juice is a natural medicine for the treatment of gastritis, one of the most common diseases of modern times.

He recommends taking one tablespoon of potato juice diluted with a little water, half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In the treatment of duodenal and stomach are advised to take half deciliter of potato juice on an empty stomach, and then half deciliter half an hour before lunch and dinner.

Dr John Tucakov claims that the juice of the potato has a beneficial effect on reducing blood sugar levels, as well as in the treatment of lung diseases and respiratory diseases and even severe illnesses such as emphysema.

Buddhist monk Tomizawa, author of the book “The road to a healthy lifestyle: Cancer is nothing to fear,” according to the daily consumption of half a pint of potato juice can greatly contribute to cure cancer and other serious diseases.

The evidence on the efficiency of potato in the fight against cancer, is gradually coming through scientific research.

Kagamine Professor of Medicine University of Akita (Japan), has managed to isolate the substance of raw potatoes, which proved to be effective in suppressing the growth of tumor cells in mice. The results of this research were published in the International Congress for the fight against cancer, which was held in Germany.

The juice of potato is used as a part of the famous Broy’s cancer therapy.

Currently the potato is gaining importance as an effective tool in the fight against diseases of the kidneys and liver, but also in cases of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, lumbago, rheumatism and so on.

Notwithstanding the positive effects in the treatment of serious diseases, drinking juice of raw potato is an excellent tool for strengthening the immune system.

In addition, it helps in reducing the frequent headaches and menstrual pain.

If you are experiencing fatigue and weakness, drink juice made from a single medium-sized potato, carrots and apples, once daily in the morning and evening, and in only two weeks you will get back the good health condition.

The health benefits of juice of potatoes:

boosts immunity

cleanses the body of toxins

treat skin diseases

used to fight cancer

helps with gastritis and other stomach problems

It lowers blood sugar

aids in liver and kidney ailments

protects against cardiovascular disease

The potato peel contributes to the detoxification of the body and is a valuable source of many nutrients.

If you consume unpeeled potatoes, especially raw, your body will get a lot of valuable ingredients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins C and B6, potassium, iron, magnesium and zinc.

It is important to note that vitamin C is lost while cooking, because the raw potato medium size (150 grams) is as much as 27 mg of vitamin C, which makes 45% of the recommended daily intake of this vitamin.

The potato is also very effective in treating skin problems and gives a clean and radiant complexion, and skin without acne and blackheads.

Because of its antiseptic properties, it’s great cleanser for skin problems, and because it contains a high percentage of vitamin C and starch, nourishes the skin and prevents its aging. If you grind and apply as a face mask, it will clean and tighten the skin.

Another great benefit is that it can help in the fight against cellulite. For this purpose, it is enough to regularly rub critical areas slices of raw potato.

How to prepare juice of potatoes 

First, wash the potatoes and remove all the seeds and green parts of the crust.

Then cut into thin slices, wrap in a cloth fabric and squeeze the juice. You can also use the juicer.

You should always drink freshly prepared juice from potatoes, and you can mix it with fruit and vegetables of your choice, such as apples and carrots, lemon juice and honey to taste.


Ten ways to use Silver Sol for self healing

Ten ways to use Silver Sol for self healing

1) You can spray it onto burns to prevent infections and promote faster healing without scarring.

2) You can also spray or dab it onto ringworm, boils, herpes sores, and warts for faster healing.

3) If you’re having bronchial problems or walking pneumonia, you can put some colloidal silver in a nebulizer and breathe it into your bronchial area and lungs directly.

4) Small amounts taken daily as a tonic will give what some call a second immune system to guard against flues and colds.


5) Silver Sol drops can be used for ear infections without any harmful side effects. Some use it for eye and nasal infections as well. Perhaps it can be injected anally with an enema bulb to help cleanse the colon.

6) It can be applied topically for vaginal yeast infections or oral thrush (yeast infection). Could be useful for chronic jock itch as well.

7) Silver Sol can be used by pregnant women to assist fetal development and easier delivery of the newborn child.

8) It can be taken early with the onset of a cold, flu, or bronchitis to get over it quickly without harming beneficial bacteria. Antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria.

9) Silver Sol can be used successfully to combat MRSA infections. MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is a staph infection that can be fatal and is now resistant to antibiotics. It usually occurs during hospital stays, but has become rampant enough to originate outside hospitals.

10) There has been some success using Silver Sol with AIDS patients. It adds a layer of needed additional immunity while destroying existing pathogens.

More about colloidal silver
Early 20th Century western medicine used silver as a prime antibiotic and anti-fungal until the late 1930s. Then antibiotics became a major source of Big Pharma revenue.

As more and more antibiotics were created, the pathogenic microbes began evolving into resistant strains to them. The health dangers imposed by antibiotics by destroying friendly gut flora needed for digestion and immunity were disregarded.

Antibiotic use lowers immunity by destroying the good bacteria along with the bad. Lately, some fluoroquinolone based antibiotics have even permanently and painfully crippled those who had been prescribed them.

Since silver seems to act by stifling the enzymes pathogens use for survival, pathogens are unable to develop resistance to them. Fortunately, alternative medicine has re-discovered silver for healing all sorts of ailments.

Drug-Resistant Superbug Infections: 500% Increase across U.S. Hospitals!

Drug-Resistant Superbug Infections: 500% Increase

across U.S. Hospitals!

“We’re in the post-antibiotic era.

Dr. Arjun Srinivasan, associate director at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Drug-resistant superbug infections have reached near-epidemic levels across U.S. hospitals, with an alarming 500% increase now documented in a study just published in the August issue of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology (the journal of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America).

The CDC has admitted that we are now living in a “post-antibiotics era.” 

As Infection Control Today states, “Antibiotic resistance is no longer a prediction for the future. It is happening right now in every region of the world and has the potential to affect anyone.” (2)

Dr. Arjun Srinivasan, associate director at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, went even further in a PBS interview, stating: (3)

“We’ve reached the end of antibiotics, period… We’re here. We’re in the post-antibiotic era. There are patients for whom we have no therapy, and we are literally in a position of having a patient in a bed who has an infection, something that five years ago even we could have treated, but now we can’t.


The core purpose of every silver-based health product is to kill pathogenic microorganisms. To this effect, independent laboratory studies prove that not all colloidal silver brands are equal. Four out of the five colloidal silver brands tested in a recent antimicrobial study had very little effect on the microorganisms tested. While one colloidal silver brand achieved complete in vitro kill against MRSA, Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme) Candida and more. See video above for more information. We encourage all colloidal silver manufacturers to increase research and testing to provide better quality products to health practitioners and the public, and to then submit any scientific research documents and media to us.

The Most Potent Silver You Can Buy

The NEW Silver Solution is hundreds of times more effective than any other colloidal silver on the market!!

The Post-Antibiotic Era is Finally Upon Us

PillsAntibiotics have rightfully earned their place as one of the most important medical advances of the 20th century. Many of you reading this are alive today because of antibiotics, as are many of your parents and grandparents. It’s a marvel of the modern world that has given us so much life

Unfortunately, we abused this gift. We used these antibiotics so much that now, many of the infections we used to be able to treat have evolved to resist them. These “superbugs” now threaten to derail decades of medical progress.

Someday soon we may be living in what scientists have dubbed, the “post-antibiotic world.” This is a world where the slightest nick or cut could be a death sentence, and where infections that were once conquered can make a devastating comeback. Unfortunately, the beginning stages of this new era have finally arrived.

The last line of antibiotic defence against some serious infections is under threat, say experts who have identified a gene that enables resistance to spread between bacteria in China.

The gene, called mcr-1, allows a range of common bacteria, including E coli, to become resistant to the last fully functional class of antibiotics, the polymyxins. This gene, they say, is widespread in bugs called Enterobacteriaceae carried by both pigs and people in south China and is likely to spread worldwide.

The gene is easily transferred from one strain of bacteria to another. Enterobacteriaceae are capable of causing a range of diseases, from pneumonia to serious blood infections. Some of the strains of Enterobacteriaceae with the gene have epidemic potential, say experts in the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal.

“These are extremely worrying results,” said Prof Jian-Hua Liu from South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou, author of the report. “Our results reveal the emergence of the first polymyxin resistance gene that is readily passed between common bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae, suggesting that the progression from extensive drug resistance to pandrug resistance is inevitable.”

Keep in mind that the only reason why these “polymyxins” were still effective, is that they are an older class of antibiotics that are rarely used, due to their toxicity. It’s a last resort for people infected with bugs that are resistant to everything else. Once this resistance spreads there will be a whole host of superbugs out there, to which there will be no antibiotic treatment options.

The fact that an outdated treatment is the best our hospitals have to offer, just goes to show that modern science isn’t up to the task of creating new antibiotics. This field of research isn’t like computers, where new advances keep arriving every few years with precise regularity. It seems that antibiotic research, at least as we know it today, has finally reached its peak. And even if science could invent a new antibiotic, what’s to stop future pathogens from becoming immune to it as well?

I suspect it wouldn’t take long, because human behavior isn’t going to change any time soon. In a sense, antibiotics fall under the “tragedy of the commons.” Any unregulated resource that is commonly shared by everyone, will eventually be destroyed. We all need to act in our own self-interest to survive and thrive, but when that instinct is applied to a resource that doesn’t belong to anyone, we quickly abuse that resource. Because human beings don’t want to be sick, and because livestock owners want to produce more food, any new antibiotic that is invented will inevitably be abused until it is worthless for everyone.

So it’s time to accept that the post-antibiotic era is unavoidable. We’ll either have to invent an entirely new method of treatment, or go back to some of the treatments we used in the early 20th century. Perhaps we’ll utilize some mixture of the two. In any case, antibiotics are very close to becoming useless, and until alternative solutions are ironed out the world is going to be quite a bit more dangerous than it was before.


Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition. You can follow Joshua’s work at our Facebook page or on his personal Twitter.

Joshua’s website is Strange Danger

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Anthrax Vaccine Approved for Humans Using the Animal Rule

BioDefense Theraputics

One small step towards human-animal integration and one giant leap for the FDA

On Monday the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an anthrax vaccine for humans using the treacherous bio-equivalent of the Patriot Act known as theBioterrorism Act of 2002 under the Animal Rule.  This Act was passed post-911 and the supposed distribution of anthrax through the mail.  The ramifications of this Act have not yet seen the light of day, but with this new regulatory pathway, we will be witnessing a deluge of unconstitutional regulations.  

The little known Bioterrorism Act of 2002 is divided into 5 parts:

  1. National Preparedness for Bioterrorism and Other Public Health Emergencies,
  2. Dangerous Biological Agents and Toxins,
  3. Food and Drugs,
  4. Drinking Water, and
  5. Additional provisions.

The extent of the Bioterrorism Act of 2002 has been quietly waiting in the wings for execution.

The contract for BioThrax was awarded to Emergent BioSolutions of Gaithersburg, Md.

The FDA approved vaccine under the Animal Rule expedites bioweapon vaccines to market when efficacy cannot be ethically or feasibly tested in humans.

Anthrax is the first to be approved.  There are nine other therapies in this new regulatory pathway to combat chemical, biological, and radiological threats using the Animal Rule.

New Vaccination Rules

While the Animal Rule advocates testing vaccines on animals in many cases manufacturers can vaccinate people and then expose vaccinated persons to the  virus to see how effective the vaccine will be.  This is being considered with the respiratory syncytial virus.  What this means is that manufacturers no longer have to test vaccinations and treatments on animals because they can go directly to human trials except for a few of the world’s most lethal pathogens.

The Animal Rule

 The Animal Rule has five pillars:

  1. That the there is a “reasonably well-understood” physical pathway mechanism by a CBRN and a prevention product is possible.  Scientific data can be manipulated depending upon your perspective.
  2. That the vaccine or therapy will react the same in humans and animals, or predicted to respond in humans as it does in animals.  Unfortunately, humans and animals do not always react the same.
  3. The end-point is the desired outcome for humans.  This includes survival enhancement or the questionable prevention of morbidity using humansurrogate markers.
  4. The treatment must determine a human dosage through relevant data. That dosage may be the LD50, the amount to induce a lethal dose.
  5. As with all federal programs any treatment or vaccine must be conducted in accordance with good laboratory practices (21 CFR part 58) regulations and the Animal Welfare Act (7 U.S.C. 2131 et. seq.), Products evaluated for effectiveness under subpart I of part 314 and subpart H of part 601 will be evaluated for safety under requirements for establishing the safety of new drug and biological products.

Products may be toxic to humans but that data will not be included in the regulatory pathway. 

FDA Victory

This victory by the FDA further integrates the One Health doctrine of integration between human and animal medicine.  In the eyes of the FDA you are an animal to be experimented on with or without your consent.


New Drug and Biological Drug Products; Evidence Needed to Demonstrate Effectiveness of New Drugs When Human Efficacy Studies Are Not Ethical or Feasible, Federal Register, Vol. 67, No. 105, Friday, May 31, 2002. (Federal Register notice)

Anthrax Vaccine Approved for Humans Using the Animal Rule

BioDefense Theraputics

One small step towards human-animal integration and one giant leap for the FDA

On Monday the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an anthrax vaccine for humans using the treacherous bio-equivalent of the Patriot Act known as theBioterrorism Act of 2002 under the Animal Rule.  This Act was passed post-911 and the supposed distribution of anthrax through the mail.  The ramifications of this Act have not yet seen the light of day, but with this new regulatory pathway, we will be witnessing a deluge of unconstitutional regulations.  

The little known Bioterrorism Act of 2002 is divided into 5 parts:

  1. National Preparedness for Bioterrorism and Other Public Health Emergencies,
  2. Dangerous Biological Agents and Toxins,
  3. Food and Drugs,
  4. Drinking Water, and
  5. Additional provisions.

The extent of the Bioterrorism Act of 2002 has been quietly waiting in the wings for execution.

The contract for BioThrax was awarded to Emergent BioSolutions of Gaithersburg, Md.

The FDA approved vaccine under the Animal Rule expedites bioweapon vaccines to market when efficacy cannot be ethically or feasibly tested in humans.

Anthrax is the first to be approved.  There are nine other therapies in this new regulatory pathway to combat chemical, biological, and radiological threats using the Animal Rule.

New Vaccination Rules

While the Animal Rule advocates testing vaccines on animals in many cases manufacturers can vaccinate people and then expose vaccinated persons to the  virus to see how effective the vaccine will be.  This is being considered with the respiratory syncytial virus.  What this means is that manufacturers no longer have to test vaccinations and treatments on animals because they can go directly to human trials except for a few of the world’s most lethal pathogens.

The Animal Rule

 The Animal Rule has five pillars:

  1. That the there is a “reasonably well-understood” physical pathway mechanism by a CBRN and a prevention product is possible.  Scientific data can be manipulated depending upon your perspective.
  2. That the vaccine or therapy will react the same in humans and animals, or predicted to respond in humans as it does in animals.  Unfortunately, humans and animals do not always react the same.
  3. The end-point is the desired outcome for humans.  This includes survival enhancement or the questionable prevention of morbidity using humansurrogate markers.
  4. The treatment must determine a human dosage through relevant data. That dosage may be the LD50, the amount to induce a lethal dose.
  5. As with all federal programs any treatment or vaccine must be conducted in accordance with good laboratory practices (21 CFR part 58) regulations and the Animal Welfare Act (7 U.S.C. 2131 et. seq.), Products evaluated for effectiveness under subpart I of part 314 and subpart H of part 601 will be evaluated for safety under requirements for establishing the safety of new drug and biological products.

Products may be toxic to humans but that data will not be included in the regulatory pathway. 

FDA Victory

This victory by the FDA further integrates the One Health doctrine of integration between human and animal medicine.  In the eyes of the FDA you are an animal to be experimented on with or without your consent.


New Drug and Biological Drug Products; Evidence Needed to Demonstrate Effectiveness of New Drugs When Human Efficacy Studies Are Not Ethical or Feasible, Federal Register, Vol. 67, No. 105, Friday, May 31, 2002. (Federal Register notice)


In the past two months, 79 cases have been confirmed on the Big Island

Hawaii Calls In National Guard As Dengue Fever Outbreak Grows

Hawaii’s Department of Health announced Thursday that the National Guard will be assisting the agency in a “support” role after 79 cases of dengue fever have been confirmed on the Big Island since Sept. 11.

So far, the National Guard’s involvement has been small, according to Hawaii News Now, and has included flying mosquito sprayers from Oahu to the Big Island.

In a news conference, Gov. David Ige characterized the support role by saying, “We are redeploying and mobilizing resources that we have available.”

While the Big Island is currently the only island in the state experiencing the outbreak, the Department of Health said it could last for months.

Read more


9-year-old Texas girl paralyzed and blinded two days after receiving flu shot

A nine-year-old girl from the Texas coast is bedridden at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston after being injured by a flu shot, according to a recent report by KRTK-TV.

Brianna Browning, a fourth-grader from Crystal Beach, Texas, was “perfectly healthy” before being injected with a flu vaccine at Bolivar Peninsula School.

Now, she is paralyzed from the waist down and completely blind. Her symptoms started about eight hours after receiving a flu shot when her mother said she began “profusely vomiting,” which continued into the next day.

Browning received the shot on Thursday, and by Saturday she was paralyzed from the waist down, said her parents, adding that it appeared as if she had had a seizure.

Doctors have diagnosed Browning with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM), which is known to be triggered by vaccines.

It’s unclear what type of flu shot the young girl received.

Doctors say her recovery could take up to one year, with some symptoms never residing

KTRK reports:

A Galveston County family is convinced their daughter has suffered a rare reaction to the flu shot and now they are searching for answers.

Brianna Browning, 9, has been in the hospital since October 17th. Her parents say one day she was healthy and the next, she was paralyzed and losing her vision.

“It’s horrible. It kills us,” said Johnny Alexander, the girl’s stepfather.

The 4th grader who loves to run, jump and play in the sand got a flu shot at her school on Bolivar Peninsula October 15th. Then her health went downhill.

“We know in our hearts this was the flu vaccine that made her ill”

“Eight hours later she was profusely vomiting and again Friday morning. Saturday, she was paralyzed from the waist down, blind and seemed like she had a seizure,” Brenda Faulk, Brianna’s mother told Eyewitness News.

Brianna is currently at Texas Children’s Hospital in the Medical Center. Her parents say doctors don’t yet know what happened or why but the parents are convinced it has something to do with the flu shot.

“We know in our hearts this was the flu vaccine that made her ill,” Alexander said.

“She was perfectly healthy. No symptoms, no sickness,” added Faulk.

To donate to Brianna Brown’s GoFundMe page, click here. Her family will use the money to pay for a wheelchair and lift, medication and in-home healthcare.

Mainstream media continues to cover up the real dangers of vaccines

Since the majority of mainstream media receives huge amounts of advertising dollars from vaccine makers, it’s no surprise that KTRK-TV added somewhat of a disclaimer to their report when they cited a public health director who insisted that “flu shots are extremely safe.”

If they’re “extremely safe,” then why is a once healthy young girl paralyzed from the waist down immediately after getting a flu shot?

Dr. Umair Shah, the Executive Director of Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services is quoted in the report as saying that reactions to flu shots are “mostly mild”; however, nothing could be further from the truth.

Adults and children are injured by vaccines far too often.

Vaccine court pays out $115 million each year to those hurt or killed by vaccines

So often that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), which protects vaccine makers from being liable for the harm caused by their products, has paid $3 billion in compensation since 1989 to victims or the families of victims injured by vaccines.

That’s over $115 million each year paid to those injured by vaccines.

While Dr. Shah was referring to flu shots when he said the reactions are “mostly mild,” this is the same rhetoric used by vaccine pushers to describe the risk of vaccines in general.

However, to illustrate the dangers of flu shots specifically, think about this: In 2014, the NVICP recognized 180 cases of vaccine injuries, and of those, 134 cases received compensation. Out of the 134 cases that received compensation, 79 of the settlements were for the flu shot, which included three deaths.

So there you have it, not only are reactions to flu shots not uncommon, but flu shots may possibly be one of the most dangerous vaccines out there.

To read about people who were vaccinated against the flu, but still perished from the flu, click here.



'Horrendous adverse effects' of HPV vaccines finally coming to light in court testimony... Vaccine industry horrors can no longer be censored

HPV vaccines

A woman is suing the Irish government to compel it to withdraw the license for Merck's Gardasil brand HPV vaccine, alleging that her daughter suffered "horrendous adverse effects" after receiving the vaccine as recommended under the Irish school vaccination program.

HPV refers to a large family of viruses, some of which can lead to cervical cancer, others of which can lead to warts, and many of which are harmless. Most HPV infections clear up on their own. Gardasil is a vaccine designed to prevent infection with two strains of HPV believed to be responsible for 70 percent of cervical cancer cases. Another HPV vaccine, GlaxoSmithKline's Cervarix, protects against those two strains as well as against two strains that cause 90 percent of genital warts.

Court to hear evidence of severe side effects

The lawsuit was brought by Irish nurse Fiona Kirby, a member of the parental support group, Reaction and Effects of Gardasil Resulting in Extreme Trauma (REGRET). She is asking for the court to rescind Gardasil's license for use in Ireland. She is also asking the court to issue an order preventing the Health Products Regulatory Agency (HPRA) from including Gardasil in any Irish vaccination programs.

Gardasil was added to Ireland's school vaccination program in 2010, recommended for girls aged 11 to 16.

According to REGRET, approximately 100 Irish girls have reported illness following Gardasil vaccination since that time. Kirby's lawsuit claims that her daughter developed severe flu-like symptoms within 24 hours of her first Gardasil shot in October 2011. The symptoms cleared up, but then returned after her daughter received the second dose. For this reason, Kirby did not give her daughter the third dose.

But following the second dose, Kirby says, her daughter suffered from severe nausea and fatigue leading to weight loss, muscle wasting and missed school. Kirby's daughter was also hospitalized for bilateral pneumonia in March 2012. She is now disabled and needs permanent care.

The lawsuit claims that other girls have also experienced "similar continuous life changing health problems" following vaccination with Gardasil.

The case is on hold pending a reply from the HPRA.

Vaccine may not even work!

There are many doubts about the effectiveness of HPV vaccination, and at least one expert has warned that vaccination campaigns may actually lead to an increase in cervical cancer deaths.

Although many governments recommend that girls as young as 9 receive the Gardasil vaccine, there are in fact no tests of the drug's effectiveness on girls under age 15. And according to a 2009 article in the New England Journal of Medicine, the vaccines have not yet been proved effective against HPV in the long-term, and have never been shown to actually reduce cancer rates. It is also unknown if they might produce cancer-related changes in immune function.

Another article in the same issue noted that because cervical cancer is very treatable if caught early, current Pap smear screening programs have already been highly effective at reducing cervical cancer death rates to nearly zero. Therefore, widespread vaccination is not actually a cost-effective way to protect against cervical cancer. Additionally, because vaccines are not 100 percent effective, because HPV vaccines do not protect against all cancer-causing strains, and because women already exposed to a cancer-related HPV stain cannot gain vaccine protection against that strain, vaccinated women still need to undergo yearly Pap tests.

Diane M. Harper, who has spent 20 years studying HPV and who did much of the work to develop the Gardasil vaccine, has widely criticized the way the vaccine is being promoted. She has expressed concerns that due to drug marketing, women may believe that HPV vaccination means they can stop getting yearly Pap smears. This would actually lead to an increase in cervical cancer deaths over time.

She has also expressed concern that vaccinating children may be pointless if the vaccine protection wears off before they are even sexually active.

Sources for this article include:

Antibiotics will soon be useless

Bacteria like E.coli have mutated to be resistant to our last-line antibiotics and untreateable bugs may already be circulating, scientists have warned.

Health experts have warned for years that antibiotic resistance could send medicine back to the dark ages, with even the smallest infections proving lethal.

Currently, when all other drugs fail, doctors use polymyxins - such as colistin - as a last resort to treat bacterial infections like E.coli and those which cause pneumonia.

But British scientists have discovered that meat from pigs slaughtered in China is infected with bacteria carrying a new gene that makes them resistant to these rearguard antibiotics.

The MCR-1 gene is in a part of the DNA which can be easily copied and transferred between bacteria, leading experts to conclude that "pandemic resistance is inevitable".

The mutated forms were also found in 1322 hospitalised patients in China and are thought to have already spread to Laos and Malaysia.



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Thank You ........

Kris Viprino



After eating out at a restaurant I developed a case of food poisoning. I knew what had occured because of the severe symptoms. After coming home I immediately took 2 teaspoons of the silver solution and then 1 teaspoon in the AM and PM. Within 2 days all symptoms subsided and have not returned. I find the silver solution to be very gentle and effective.

I had the opportunity to consult with a client regarding a nonhealing wound to her left leg. The open wound developed in January 2002 and had become much worse by March 2002. The client had been receiving professional treatment from a wound care center here in Florida. A variety of solutions, creams and salves were being used to heal the area, only making the situation worse. I decided to use the Silver Solution on the area and I am pleased to report that after 2 weeks the wound is closing with a scab. I am really glad I could help and the client is very pleased with the results.

Karen Bishop


Wow, I can't believe it!! I had a terrible sinus head ache which I usually get this time of the year and it turns into a sinus infection. Well, I had this for 4 days and I inhaled the Silver solution this morning and with in 1/2 hour the terrible headache was gone and has not returned all day. My sinus has cleared and I can breath again! All I can say is the Silver solution is worth its weight in GOLD!! Not even anti biotics have worked this fast ever! I will never be with out Silver Solution in my home! Thanks Folks!

Susan Carey



I have a Silver Solution Story:

I had only been a member a little over a week, had just received my products, and really had not a clue what the Silver Solution was.

I had been having some discomfort in a tooth/gum area for about a month. Went to the dentist, was told I had an inflammed 'periodontal pocket'. My Dentist recommended an antibiotic injection into the pocket, but he was only 50% sure that it would help. It would not be covered by my insurance and it would cost $138. I decided not to have it, to wait and see if it got better or worse on its own.

When I got home I was reading about the Silver Solution, and it's bacteria killing effectiveness, so I thought I would try it on my tooth/gum area. Not having a syringe, I took a drink stirrer, the kind with a hole like a little straw. I put it in the bottle, put my finger over one end and layed down and let it drip out around my tooth.

In just a couple of hours it was better! It hasn't hurt once since! Now when I take it I just swish it around my mouth before I swallow it. I was quite impressed and am spreading the word to all who will listen!

Joan Higgins



Nobody could have been more sceptical of The Silver Solution. I've tried hundreds of "health"products that didn't live up to their claims. It was with those past experiences in mind I once again "experimented". A nasty "something" was giving me a raspy throat, headache, pain in the eyes and aches-in-general after having felt fine only hours before.This was the "plan-on-an-awful-time-bug" feeling. My roommate was already miserably ill. I remembered the stories on the Nutronix website. I had an unopened bottle of Silver Solution. I took a teaspoon.Within 4 HOURS I was fine.Just to play it safe I took another teaspoon the following day.The next day I didn't and started to get the same symptoms.I took a teaspoon immediately and felt better shortly and contined taking it for another 4 days. I've never experienced anything like this. I was amazed. It worked! Not long after I had the experience of doctoring a pidgeon with a bad wound.The pidgeon got well drinking a teaspoon of Silver Solution added to its daily water. Then a few days after releasing the pidgeon one of my cocketiels got sick. It was after the pet store closed and birds die quickly. I tried the Silver Solution in the bird's drinking water and it came around fast. I kept it on the Solution a week as I do with antibiotics. I'll keep Silver Solution on hand from now on. I think this product is going to save a lot of lives. At the very least it kept it from feeling like"death-warmed -over-and-laid-out-flat" from a bug.

Mary Davis



I just want to say that I'm getting more enthused about "The New Silver Solution" each month! I am exposed to every "bug" from two school districts here in PA, and every winter spend 5-10 days "downtime" with some variation of "flu". For as long as I can remember, usually during January, I come down with something nasty, but...

I've been taking Silver Solution since October, and while everyone in my family and most of our friends have been ill this winter, I've not even had a cold! I'm one of the world's foremost skeptics, I'll confess, but as the winter draws to a close and I continue to feel great, I'm becoming a true believer in this stuff. The testing on Anthrax is another exciting aspect of The New Silver Solution in these "perilous times", as well.

Thanks very much, and God bless you!

Dave Harnish
New Albany, PA


I want to share with you my experience with the Silver Solution.

I was being treated for an upper respiratory infection and didn't seem to be getting any better. I had been back to the Doctor twice and had my medicine change both times.

When I got my first products from Nutronix I read about the Silver Solutions and decided to give it a try. After taking just ONE dose of the Silver Solution I felt a whole lot better. I took another dose before going to bed that night and when I woke up the next morning I literally jumped out of bed and found that I was feeling better than I had in a long time.

I can't say enough about how good this product is.

Best Regards,
Penny Upp


My name is Michael Works, I had a tooth ache, and since nothing worked short of pulling out all my teeth, I decided to use the "The NEW Silver Solution" on my bad tooth. Not only did it stop the pain but it also took away the infection that was caused from the bad tooth. My dentist would have given me a perscription to take away the infection but since I used the Silver Solution, I didn't need any thing else. I stopped buying vitiamins and now use Biomins PLUS Multivitamins. These have proven much better and of better quality than any store bought brand. Thank you for choosing such a nutritional company of high standards.

Michael Works


One night I had a really bad stomach pain that was just hurting really bad. Felt like my insides were twisting up really bad. I went to bed restless with the pain still there every time I took a breath. When I got up in the morning feeling really frustrated, I had remembered that I had the New Silver Solution. I took only a tablespoon full of the potent stuff and 10 minutes later, my pain was GONE. Coincidence? I don't think so! I totally believe in Nutronix's products!

Nhut H. Le


I was rather surprised when after only using the Collidal Silver for two weeks that my teeth didn't ache anymore. Since a young child I have had major problems with my gums and teeth. Peridontal pockets and bleeding gums were problems I had to deal with for literally years and years. I am ecstatic to say my teeth are no longer sensitive to cold or hot. They no longer bleed when I brush them. And my gums are strong and healthy! Infact, my dentist couldn't believe how great they looked. I had to go in for checkups and cleaning EVERY THREE MONTHS!

This last time, my dentist gave me a clean bill of health on my teeth and told me to come back in six months and to keep doing whatever I was doing....:):):):):):):):):):) which is, of course, taking one-half or one teaspoon of Collidal Silver daily.

Thank You, Nutronix, for providing a pure, quality product!

With Much Appreciation,
Carol L. LeMert


I wanted to personally let you know about my experience with The NEW Silver Solution your company sells. I was burning a brush pile early in the morning September 20, 2001. Although I was over 30 feet from the brush pile, some gasoline fumes ignited and severely burned both my legs.

I immediately went into shock. I put ice on the burns, but incredible pain kept coming back. I then sprayed the silver solution on the burns, and immediately the pain went away. Although my legs were numb, I continued to spray silver solution on the burns every 15 minutes most of that day.

Now 4 months later, my legs are almost completely healed. I initially thought I would have extensive scarring and possibly need a skin graft. Now, the scars are barely visible. I have your product to thank for that.

Thought you'd want to hear about my experience.


David Nunn
Raleigh, NC




In June of 2001, I came down with a serious bladder infection. I went to my Primary Care Physician for a urinalysis, then a culture. I was put first on Bactrin, to no effect, then Cipro for fourteen days. Still no effect. I then went to the head Urologist at the University of Virginia Hospital, who prescribed an intravenous pylogram, and a culture, which showed nothing, although I was still uncomfortable. I was then put on 100 mg. of Macrobid for 14 days, and when I went for another exam on July 19 and had another urinalysis, it showed 1 red blood cell, and I was put on Keflex, also because I was having extensive foot surgery. I finally swallowed some NEW Silver Solution and douched once with it. My infection was finally gone, after five different antibiotics didn't work.

I shall always try NEW Silver Solution first, in case of any recurrence.

Sincerely yours,

Andree F. Nesbit


This is a rather long letter, about a very sick dog and your very "Miracle Medicine", The New Silver Solution.  I am writing because I am CONVINCED The New Silver Solution is keeping my dog alive and healthy.

Boudreaux is a 10 year old English Spring Spaniel.  Boudreaux contracted a "mysterious" liver ailment in January of 1999.  (The vets still don't have a clue.)  He underwent a biopsy and was treated with antibiotics.  The biopsy showed severe liver destruction.  However, he seemed to mend and we thought he would be all right.

But by November 1999, he showed further signs of illness.  For the next few months we treated him with antibiotics, but there was no improvement.  The vets then stopped the antibiotics fearing he would develop immunity.  They said nothing further could be done.  Either he would have another biopsy and possibly treat him with steroids (he was not in good health and we worried about the surgery) or do nothing and eventually his liver would fail.

During the next few months, I agonized over what to do.  While we did nothing, Boo's greatest danger was developing secondary bacterial infections because of his depressed immune system.  It was during this period that I frantically searched the web, and every place else, looking for something to try and protect him from this danger.  That's when a friend at work (God love you, Joyce) suggested The New Silver Solution.  I did as much research as I could to determine if it was safe for him.  The vets were NO help in answering my questions or providing any support for any type of "alternative treatment".  In fact, they blew me off.   But having nothing to lose, I started giving it to him in November of 1999.

In January of 2000, I took Boo back to Tech.  The head vet saw him this time, took one look at Boo and said he looked great.  He thought by looking at Boo's overall health that we were probably dealing with a slow infection and could treat and stop the infection and Boo could probably live on his reduced liver function for many years.  The vets did do a biopsy to confirm their diagnosis.

I'll never forget the afternoon they called me after the biopsy.  He was absolutely floored.  The biopsy revealed that Boo had less than 20% liver function and by all rights Boo should have been on his death bed.  The vet had never seen a liver as damaged and a dog as healthy looking as Boo.  He said his system should have been full of bacteria, yet there was not a sign of bacteria anywhere.  He couldn't believe it.  However, his diagnosis was there was nothing we could do to prolong his life.  We'd give him steroids to make him feel better, but that my dog would be dead in a matter of months, probably from internal bacterial infections (like e. coli).  I again tried to tell him about The New Silver Solution and his answer was "yeah sure."

Well, guess what, it's been 8 months and Boo's still with us.  Oh, he's slowed down very much and doesn't feel too good some days.  But to look at him you would never know about his liver condition.  He has not had one single bacterial problem.  Every 60 days I check in with the vets and each time they are expecting me to tell them Boo has died.  Well, not yet!

In my mind there is NO DOUBT Boo is alive (and healthy) today because The New Silver Solution has kept him bacteria free.  In fact, it was my "doubting Dave, husband" that gave it the name Miracle Medicine.  Oh, I know it will not cure him, but each month that he remains bacteria free is one more month I have him with me.

Nutronix, thank you so much; for answering my questions in the beginning about the safety of the product, for making your product available and most of all for my dog's continued health.


Deborah Burnley
Chester, Virginia


For years I had been suffering with constant sinus infections, bronchitis, hoarseness, soar throats, etc. Three years ago I was apprached by Bob Bremner. We were in the church choir together, and he had noticed how much I was suffering and at times couldn't sing because of my constant problems. My husband and I started taking the New Silver Solution and to this day we have not had even a cold, much less all of the above problems. We haven't missed a day of work due to illness in over 3 years, even when people around us were suffering with flu and other illnesses. What a product. We wouldn't be without the silver liquid and gel.

Pat Clark


I almost died from symptoms of West Nile Virus in 2000. I survived the disease, but my immune system was never the same. I worked in the medical field and I would catch everything that was going around. In April of 2009 I was introduced to Silver Sol. One hour after taking my Silver, I started to experience all the symptoms of West Nile. I didn't understand what was happening. I know now that the West Nile had lied dormant in my body for almost 9 years. The Silver battled with the West Nile in my body for 5 days. On day 6 EVERY SYMPTOM was gone. Since that day I have not a cold, virus, flu, sinus, allergies, bladder or kidney infections. New Silver Solution is my miracle and I will take it for the rest of my life!!

Linda Davis


I have successfully treated boils with the silver solution and silver sol. After taking a lab swab, and it returning positive for MRSA, on one of the larger open boils I started using the silver sol gel used under a dressing which was changed twice daily and 15 mls silver sol orally three times daily. The boils immediately showed signs of improvement after 1 day and the core of the larger boil was able to be removed. They healed very quickly and completely dissapeared after approx one week. To prevent them spreading I also used the silver sol liquid sprayed around the area for a couple of days during treatment and two days after they had healed. Taking the silver 5ml once to twice daily (sometimes forget a dose if out)they have not recurred. For sore throats/snuffles I have taken a 15 - 20 ml dose when going to bed and wake up fit with no signs of a sore throat /cold. I haven't had any cystitis since starting the silver solution. I have had numerous customers and clients with similar positive results. I have also treated my pets on many occasions saving heaps on vet bills. It is so much easier to use the silver than using an antibiotic - which usually gives a dose of diarrhoea/nausea as well. Treatment was able to be started immediately as there was no waiting for an appointment for a prescription as I had the silver on hand. I highly recommend the New Silver Solution liquid and gel.

Yvonne Youngman,
Registered Nurse


When I received my first Silversol. I had been having foot pain for over a year and also had seen a Podiatrist. He didn't have an answer although the x-ray showed some small broken bone fragments in my foot. The day that I got the Silversol my foot started hurting that night as I was washing dishes. It was very painful and I thought I was gonna have to sit down. Then I thought, ah-ha, this is a time to see if this product really works. I took one teaspoonful and the pain went away in about 45 seconds. I started shouting and frightened my sixteen year old grandson. He thought I had gotten hurt in the kitchen. I told him, "It works!" He said, "What works? I thought you had cut yourself or something." I said, "The Silversol really works. My foot was hurting and I took one teaspoonful and the pain stopped."

Doris Marie Jones


I always got bad bronchitis when I got sick in the winter. This is the first winter of my entire life that If I start to get a little sore throat, I take the silver and am all better with no bronchitis what so ever.


Sally Rae Rogers


I use silversol for everything. But the two instances I want to share are: We were on vacation in Texas and my two year old grandson, Owen was playing in the lake with us and he accidently swolled some lake water. It was filthy and stagnant. Later he started running a high fever and was throwing up. I gave him about 3TBSB of silversol. He threw up one more time, his fever went down and he was fine. I know it was the silversol that killed whatever bacteria it was in the water. The second example was when my husband got food poisoning. I had him take 2 TBSP and he was fine in a couple of hours. The cramping left immediately.He just felt sort of icky for two hours. I have also used it for conjuntites. It has also almost cleared up my ezema on my foot, which I have had for 30 years. I also use the gel on my foot. I love silversol!


Nancy Vacin


I am a Registered Nurse working in aged care. One of the residents in the facility a 98 year old lady had a severe vaginal infection for 18 months. The doctor and specialist had tried every kind of cream with limited success. She was often in excruciating agony. I gave her silversol in her drinking water, a douche with the liquid and later inserted some gel using an applicator. It cleared up within 2 days.  

Chris Roberts RN


My name is Ron Ottaviano,I have been on the silversol for about a week, and there is so much overall improvement with my overall well being that I predict silversol will go down in history as one of Network Marketing's Greatest products of all time............Because it WORKS!!!!

Ron Ottaviano


I've been taking Silver Solution for 3 years now, and I've noticed that I never get sick with an infection such as a cold, or flu when I take a little every day. But a year ago around Christmas my daughter moved to Utah and I let her take my Silver Solution with her thinking I would probably not get sick before my next shipment. Boy was I wrong! After running our of supply of silver solution, I came down with a terrible cold and flu, but a day or two later my shipment came and I starting taking a tablespoon every four hours, and in ONE day I was completely well! It is almost tasteless, and seems like I'm just drinking water, but it works like magic to get me well! I'd been praying all my life for a solution to the common cold and flu, and I believe that Silver Solution is the answer to my prayers! I am SO very thankful for Silver Solution! Bless God and the inventors for giving it to us. 

Rodney M. Cluff


I cured an infected Toe that had a serious Fungus Infection. Doctor said it would take months to get rid of it with normal antiboitics, with NEW Silver Solution it was gone in 7 days !!


Joseph Scalza


“I have a friend who is a family physician and has been in practice for 55 long years. His wife had a condition called Bronchiatasis. As a result, she had difficulty breathing. He came to me and was desperate. He said that the lab reports stated that the germs were very resistant to everything. I gave him two bottles of silver. Four days later he came running to my house with all sorts of thank-you gifts. He told me that for the last two days, his wife had been able to sleep and that she had stopped wheezing."

Dr. Hegde


“I had a chronic jaw infection in my left upper jaw that was not being fully cleaned up even though I had dental work done. I used a lot of herbs that are natural infection fighters but I could not seem to get the amounts high enough to fight my chronic jaw infection. I had pain, headaches, feelings of nausea, and low energy. It took me away from daily activities. The only thing that worked for my chronic jaw infection was the silver product. I took a tablespoon of silver both morning and evening for three weeks and started feeling much improvement. Three months later, the silver has completely cleared my infection.”

Darlene Haberer


“I have a tooth that abscessed and my new dentist advised a root canal. When he started to clean the abscess he found the tooth was perfectly healthy except for a small filling that had become infected. He said it was the worst infection he had ever seen. Both the bone and jaw were infected. I told him I don’t use antibiotics but was on a natural program that included silver. He sent me home for a few weeks to let it drain, fully expecting me to experience a lot of pain. I increased my intake of silver and two days later called the dentist’s office. His secretary asked me how I was feeling. I replied that I was just fine. The dentist was standing nearby because I heard him say, ‘She should really be having a lot of grief.’ Within two weeks, there was no more pain.”

Lisa Bendler


“I’ve been using the silver solution for several years now. I’ve used it internally to help kill bacteria that lead to sore throats. Just gargling it makes a sore throat disappear within one day!

I once contracted a staph infection in my eye. The infection made me feel terrible but I was scared to have the infection cut out. I was embarrassed to go anywhere and wanted to stay in my room and hide. Thanks to the results of using silver I was able to avoid surgery, which also meant I didn’t have to worry about scar tissue. The silver saved me a lot of time and money. Because of my positive experience with the eye infection, I’ve also used the silver for pink eye, which usually goes away the day of application.

I use the silver to wash my hands and for other antibacterial uses because it works so well. Plus, it doesn’t destroy the pH of your skin.

My son had his first ear infection in January. I put the silver solution in his ear and the infection was gone the next day. It was nice to not have to use antibiotics. The silver doesn’t cause any harm and has no side effects, unlike antibiotics. I’ve been impressed with the silver product. Everyone I have recommended it to has had great and swift experiences and results. I’m glad that my family has it in our lives.”

Laura Stewart


“One of my male clients had an infection in his throat that was diagnosed as strep throat. His throat kept swelling up. It was hard for him to swallow or even drink anything. He isn’t a person who likes to go to the doctor and refused to make an appointment. That was when I told him to use the silver solution. I advised him to take a teaspoon every two hours. The next day he called me and said that all of the swelling in his throat was gone. He could swallow again! I told him to start taking a teaspoon of silver twice a day for the next three days. It did not swell up again.”

Johnella May


“I work in a hospital and some time ago I contracted a double ear infection. The infection went on for three or four days until I became quite sick. My mother had me take silver to help with the infection. I put a few drops every day in my ears and also took the silver internally. At the same time one of my colleagues had a similar ear infection and while I was taking the silver, she was on antibiotics. In two weeks I was completely over my infection and it took my colleague an entire six weeks before she felt better! I continue to take one teaspoon of the silver every day because I work in a hospital where there are penicillin-resistant bacteria.”

Jillian Helstrom




Dietary supplements cannot be used to prevent or treat any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
Dietary supplements are not to be used to prevent or treat any disease. The Statements on this web page have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any information provided on this website is not a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical practitioner. Individuals are advised not to self-medicate in the presence of significant illness. Ingredients in supplements are not drugs and may not be foods. Nutronix does not advise administration of supplements to children and no supplements should be taken in pregnancy without professional advice.

O2 Proformance Hydration

Proper hydration is an important factor in maintaining normal body functions.* Since your body is approximately 70% water, it is extremely important to consistently replenish your supply of it.* The body loses 2.5 liters of water every day through normal every day activities.* The water you consume may help prevent toxins and chemical substances from accumulating, thus supporting normal cell health and function.* Drinking slightly alkaline water may support healthy levels of hydration when drinking adequate amounts of water for your body.*


pH Defined
pH simply means potential hydrogen. Every one-point decrease on the pH scale is 10 times more acidic. For example, a pH of 2.0 is 100,000 times more acidic than a pH of 7.0.


Every sachet of O2 contains calcium, magnesium, and over 70 trace minerals.* O2 is delivered in a pure ionic form, which may make it more bio-available to the body.*O2 may also:

    • Support normal assimilation of vitamins and minerals*
    • Support the natural detoxification process*
    • Support normal antioxidant activity*
    • Support joint and muscle health*
    • Support normal oxygen levels*
    • Support normal metabolism*
    • Support normal cardiovascular health*
    • Support healthy pH in your body*

Refresh & Revitalize!
O2 transforms your water into a refreshing alkaline drink that supports your body's hydration during normal daily stressors and activities in today's fast-paced lifestyle.* Taste the refreshing difference that O2 Proformance Hydration makes in your water!*

Click here for a special Life Extension article by Bob Bremner.

Click here for a special look at an O2 pH Experiment conducted by Bob Bremner!

Watch a special video from Bob Bremner Here!


FDA expediting approval for deadly flu shot linked to autoimmune disorders, paralysis and death

Last week, published a snippet about the FDA fast tracking an incredibly dangerous flu vaccine called FLUAD. The piece generated a lot of buzz, prompting us to provide our readers with the full scoop.

Prepare to share this news with all of your friends and family, because, after reading this, you really wouldn’t want your loved ones to have this vaccine, which is scheduled to be rolled out for the 2015/2016 flu season.

Officials from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have decided to accelerate the license of a flu vaccine geared for use in seniors over the age of 65, and also one that has been linked to at least 13 deaths last year, prompting several countries to temporarily suspend vaccine lots containing the drug.

The fact that the FDA is fast tracking this vaccine is a mystery, as that approval process is typically reserved for emergencies during vaccine shortages.

Developed by Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis, FLUAD, also known as MF59, contains a squalene-based adjuvant that’s added to enhance the body’s immune system response. Adjuvants, many of which are toxic, are added to vaccines as a cost-effective way to increase antibody titers using fewer antigens.

Squalene adjuvant vaccines create an extremely strong antibody response that may cause death in some people

While squalene occurs naturally in the human body in small amounts to assist with vitamin D production, administering synthetic squalene is much different, particularly when it’s injected via a vaccine.

When the body’s immune system is exposed to a vaccine, it induces cytokine storms, a potentially fatal reaction involving your red blood cells. When squalene adjuvants are introduced to the body via vaccines, the body’s immune system invokes a furious attack against its naturally produced squalene, leading to a number of autoimmune disorders including partial or complete paralysis, rheumatism and even death, according to

“This outcome was common during the 1976 national fake swine flu epidemic that spawned a very strong vaccination push,” subsequently generating numerous lawsuits due to the number of deaths it caused, leading to the eventual creation of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVIP).

Vaccine injuries and deaths led to the creation of vaccine compensation program

NVIP was established in 1988 supposedly “to compensate vaccine-related injury or death claims,” but in reality, it was just there to protect vaccine makers from being held liable for harm caused by their products. According to Health Impact News:

“The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was established by Congress because the drug manufacturers threatened to stop manufacturing vaccines if they were not granted legal immunity from damages due to vaccines. It was no longer profitable for them to continue manufacturing vaccines in a free market, because of the large amount of lawsuits for injuries and deaths due to vaccines. So instead of requiring the drug companies to produce safer vaccines, Congress granted them total immunity from civil litigation due to injuries or deaths resulting from vaccines.

“Today, one cannot sue drug companies for damages or deaths due to vaccines. You have to sue the Federal Government and try to get some of the funds ‘set aside’ from this Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund that your tax dollars paid for to begin with.”

Vaccines containing squalene adjuvants have a pretty frightening track record. For one, these vaccines were prohibited for quite some time, thus adding less credibility to its effectiveness, and more to its risk.

Secondly, three people died within 48 hours of being vaccinated with MF59 on November 28, 2014, which was reported by the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP).

On November 29, 2014, that number rose to 11.

Controversy encircled Novartis flu vaccines even before those deaths. In 2012, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain and France suspended deliveries of four flu vaccines produced by Novartis after testing identified possible side effects.

Italy eventually lifted their ban, and unfortunately, 13 people paid the price with their lives.

Thirdly, squalene adjuvants used in experimental anthrax vaccines were strongly linked to Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), also known as Desert Storm Disease, which killed more soldiers than combat. GWS symptoms include fatigue, persistent headaches, neurological symptoms (tingling/numbness in limbs), chemical sensitivities, heart problems, respiratory complications and many more.

Squalene adjuvants allow toxins to cross blood-brain barrier

Author and retired neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock warns:

“No one should take the swine flu vaccine — it is one of the most dangerous vaccines ever devised. It contains an immune adjuvant called squalene (MF-59) which has been shown to cause severe autoimmune disorders such as MS, rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus. This is the vaccine adjuvant that is strongly linked to the Gulf War syndrome, which killed over 10,000 soldiers and caused a 200% increase in the fatal disease ALS (Lou Gehreg disease),” reports


FLUAD consists of a combination of squalene and Polysorbate 80, a common surfactant used in vaccines, which literally blows up the blood brain barrier allowing aluminum, Thimerasol (a mercury derivative) and other vaccine toxicants to enter the brain, creating dementia and other debilitating neurological disease, reports.

In addition to FLUAD, Novartis manufactures two other flu vaccines that are currently used in the U.S., Flucelvax and Fluvirin.


What You Need to Know About Eating Expired Food

What You Need to Know About Eating Expired Food | Backdoor Survival

Have you ever been rooting through your pantry and come across a package that is well past its expiration date? Despite our good intentions, attempts at organization, and careful rotation of supplies, it still happens from time to time.

What about a really amazing sale on a packaged food? Sometimes that good sale is a last-ditch effort to clear out the product before the date. Should you still buy it?

When sorting supplies for my recent relocation, I discovered to my dismay that a couple of items had passed their expiration dates. I was determined to find out whether I needed to throw these items out, or whether the expired food could still be safely consumed.

What You Need to Know About Expiration Dates

Are you sitting down?

The dates on the packages? They don’t mean much of anything.

The only foods that are required by law to have expiration dates are baby food and baby formula. Everything else is voluntary or arbitrary.  Although I have suspected this for quite some time and even wrote about it in Make Dating Your Preps a Habit, I decided it was time to dig in a bit further and look for facts rather than supposition.

So what are all of those dates printed on food containers?

The website defines the terms in an article called The Big Myth.

  • Best Before Date – The “Best Before Date” is, according to the manufacturer, the last date by which a products flavor or quality is best, the optimal time of its shelf life for quality. As noted above, the product may still be enjoyed after the “best before date.” Additionally the manufacturer may call this the “Best if Used By” date or the “Best By” date, which indicates that the quality of food might diminish after that date, but it is still good to eat and the shelf life is still active.
  • Use By Date – The “Use By Date” is the last day that the manufacturer vouches for the product’s quality. The use by date is the date the manufacturers recommend to use the product for “peak quality” in the food. So you may eat the food after the use by date, but it likely is not going to be at peak quality.
  • Sell By Date – The “Sell By Date” on a product is the items expiration date, the end of its shelf life at the store. This is the last date stores are supposed to display the product for sale, after the Sell By Date the stores should remove the product, the Shelf Life has expired. Although the food product may be used and enjoyed past this date, it is not recommended to purchase a product if the Sell By date has past.
  • Shelf Life – The “Shelf Life” of food is used in reference to these common codes (Use by Date, Sell by Date, and Best Before Date). The Shelf Life depends on which code is used and the type of product in question. Please see the specific page for your product to determine the proper shelf life of food because the Shelf Life is different for each particular item!

So with all of this being said, it seems like the dates don’t mean a whole lot. We must rely on our common sense to determine whether or not the expired food is still good to eat. If it smells or tastes “off” it isn’t worth the risk, particularly in a survival situation in which medical assistance may not be available.

Heather Callaghan of Natural Blaze wrote:

Yogurt and deli meat can last a week to 10 days more than the “sell by” date. Salami at two to three weeks. Most fresh meats, especially poultry and seafood, should be cooked and eaten within days. Eggs a whopping five weeks after expiration. When in doubt, gently place eggs in a big bowl of cold water filled to the top. If the eggs float, toss them. If they “stand up” that just means they are not as fresh but are still okay to eat.

Packaged items can last a long time after expiration but after months you may notice a staleness and waxy taste which could be rancid oils. Packaged and canned items can generally last a year or more after the stamped date.

The key to keeping storable foods the longest, is cool, dry and airtight. Canned goods included. If you see bulging cans – do not open! It’s rare, but it could be botulism..

The bottom line is that expiration is perception and to follow your nose and your gut. If something smells or tastes funny, do not risk it! Common sense and intuition are our friends.

If you are curious about the safety of a specific food, has a database search function that can help. Simply type in the name of the product and hit search. It will bring up a list of articles that will provide information to help you make your decision. I searched “pasta” to determine the safety of a package that had been tucked away and exceeded its date by nearly a year. I found an article with the following chart, that provided variables like where the pasta had been stored and what type of pasta it was.

How Long Does Pasta Last Shelf Life Storage Expiration

Even the USDA agrees that the dates on food can be exceeded.  In the following video, a representative from the USDA says that the shelf life can be extended greatly, often between 12-18 months. (Starting at 1:19)

The USDA recommends this FREE mobile app to help determine the safety of your packaged food.

The Final Word

Expiration dates are not like the toll of midnight in the tale of Cinderella. They are not set-in-stone times after which the food suddenly decomposes. Edible contents don’t suddenly turn bad on a specific date.

If it smells okay, looks okay, and tastes okay, it probably is okay, regardless of the date on the package.  The message today is this:  Don’t throw away perfectly good food because of an arbitrary date. Use your common sense to determine whether it seems safe. Avoid the enemies of food storage and follow the best storage practices to lengthen the shelf life of your pantry goods. (You can learn more about food storage practices here.)

What foods have you consumed beyond the date on the package? Did you ever have any issues eating food after that date? As always, please share your experience in the comments.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

Diet Coke found to dramatically raise risk of heart attacks

Diet Coke

Drinking just two sweetened beverages per day — including "diet" drinks — can raise your risk of heart failure by nearly 25 percent, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and published in the journal Heart.

Although prior studies have linked consumption of sugary and diet beverages to various worsened health outcomes, including worse heart health, the new study is the first to link these drinks with heart failure.

"This study is very interesting," said Gavin Sandercock of the University of Essex, who was not involved in the research. "It shows there is no difference in the effects of drinks which do or do not contain any sugar."

Robust connection found

The research was conducted on 42,400 men who were between the ages of 45 and 79 at the start of the study. The participants were followed for an average of 12 years. All of them were asked "How many soft drinks or sweetened juice drinks do you drink per day or per week?"

The category of sweetened drinks included "diet" drinks but did not include fruit juices with no added sweetener. It also excluded coffee and tea, even if it was sweetened.

Men who consumed two or more servings of sweetened drinks per day had a 23 percent higher rate of heart failure than men who consumed less than this amount. This association remained even after the researchers adjusted for potential confounding factors. The researchers then repeated the analysis without anyone who was diagnosed with heart failure within the first five years of the study. The connection still held.

Although the findings were striking, the researchers warned that the study was not designed to prove that sweetened drinks cause heart failure, merely that there is an association. And since the study was conducted only on older men, most of them white, further research will be needed to see if the association holds for other demographics.

Reasons for link still unclear

In an accompanying editorial, Spanish researchers Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez and Miguel Ruiz-Canela suggested that the connection might be explained by the fact that people who drink lots of sweetened beverages also typically have poorer diets. However, they noted that sweetened drinks have also been directly linked with known risk factors for heart failure.

"The well-known association of sweetened beverages with obesity and Type 2 diabetes, which are risk factors for heart failure, reinforces the biological plausibility of (the) findings," they wrote, as reported by The Telegraph. "Based on their results, the best message for a preventive strategy would be to recommend an occasional consumption of sweetened beverages or to avoid them altogether."

Other researchers have suggested that artificial sweeteners may confuse the brain, actually leading to more snacking.

"The adults who drank two sweetened drinks a day also drank the most coffee, ate the most processed meat, ate the least vegetables and they had more family history of heart disease," Sandercock said. "Trying to decide if sweetened drinks are the single cause of heart failure is impossible when diet and heart failure are both such complicated issues."

Previous research has linked sweetened beverages, including diet drinks, with an increased risk of metabolic conditions including diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and stroke.

For example, a 2014 study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that people who drank more diet soda were significantly more likely to suffer from heart attacks and strokes. And a 2013 study conducted by the National Institutes of Health found that people who consumed more sweetened beverages were more likely to suffer from depression. The link was especially strong for diet beverages.

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TruthWiki reveals truth about flu shot LIES

Flu shot

(NaturalNews) Flu "season" is back, and the push to get everyone vaccinated with flu shots is more aggressive than ever. But there are a lot of inconvenient truths about flu shots that people aren't being told before they opt to get jabbed, including the fact that flu vaccines often contain "inactivated" flu viruses that can suddenly turn live, and almost always contain deadly toxins like formaldehyde and mercury (thimerosal) that can cause brain damage and reproductive harm.

To fill this information void, we've published a comprehensive entry on flu shots at TruthWiki that seeks to inform the public about this deadly winter ritual known as "getting your flu shot." People don't need flu shots to stay healthy during the colder, sun-starved months of the year, it turns out, and science shows that getting flu shots annually can actually increase one's risk of suffering flu-like symptoms and other health problems.

A direct link to the TruthWiki entry on flu vaccines is available here:

There's that much mercury in flu shots?

One of the more popular lies being peddled by the drug industry and its corrupt media mouthpieces is that mercury has been completely phased out of vaccines. The fiction goes that thimerosal, a drug-stabilizing organomercurial compound made up of about 50% mercury by weight, has been removed from childhood vaccines, which are now completely safe for children thanks to this change.

But mercury hasn't been removed from vaccines. It's still present in multi-dose vials of flu shots administered to both young and old alike. Our own in-house experiments using advanced mass spectrometry testing methods found shocking levels of mercury in a popular influenza vaccine manufactured by drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), for instance.

GSK's "FluLaval" vaccine (from lot #9H2GX) was found to contain 51 parts per million (ppm) of mercury, which is more than 25,000 times higher than the maximum contaminant level set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for inorganic mercury in drinking water. And this is mercury injected directly into muscle tissue rather than ingested, making it even more neurotoxic.

"The concentration of mercury found in this GSK flu shot was 100 times higher than the highest level of mercury... ever tested in contaminated fish," announced Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, who conducted the tests, in an announcement back in June 2014.

Rat poison in flu shots? You betcha!

These same tests revealed shockingly high levels of formaldehyde, a.k.a. rat poison, in flu shots given to nurses, children, the elderly and even pregnant women. Formaldehyde is listed by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) as a known carcinogen, and it's been linked to causing myeloid leukemia and various rare forms of cancer, including sinonasal and nasopharyngeal cancer.

Formaldehyde, it turns out, also plays a role in reactivating, if you will, the "dead" viruses in vaccines that aren't actually dead as the vaccine industry claims, but rather "weakened" or "deactivated." It does this by failing to "deactivate" the viruses in the first place, allowing them to infect a person's bloodstream.

Formaldehyde is regarded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as one of the most toxic, cancer-causing substances known to man. It's often used to embalm human corpses, and it comes with a laundry list of deadly side effects including liver damage, gastrointestinal harm, reproductive deformation, respiratory problems, cancer and more.

"Flu shot vaccine inserts openly admit there is no evidence that flu shots work," adds the TruthWiki entry, citing scientific evidence to this end. "Flu shot vaccine inserts openly admit flu shots caused seizures, paralysis and other neurological disorders."

Check out the full TruthWiki entry for flu shots here:

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Chickenpox vaccine now causing shingles epidemic in children and adults

Shingles epidemic

(NaturalNews) The rate of shingles has been increasing since the 1990s, and it is now estimated that about one in three adults will develop the disease in their lifetime. A certain number of these people will experience recurring outbreaks. About one in five of them will suffer severe and often debilitating pain known as postherpetic neuralgia (PHN).

Officially, the cause of this increase is unknown. Yet studies suggest that at least part of the explanation could be the chickenpox vaccine.

Chickenpox and shingles are caused by the same virus, which is known as varicella zoster. Shingles cannot occur in someone who has not been previously been infected with the virus, presumably resulting in a chickenpox infection. Why, then, would the vaccine against this virus be causing more severe outbreaks later in life?

Unintended immune consequences

Once infected with the varicella zoster virus, the body can never get rid of it. Instead, the virus hides from the immune system along a nerve root in the central nervous system. Shingles (also known as herpes zoster) occurs when some trigger (typically stress or reduced immune function) causes the virus to erupt out of the nerve root and travel to the skin. This leads to a painful rash that tends to last about a month. Although most people suffer only a single case of shingles in their lifetime, the disease can recur.

In addition to PHN, possible complications of shingles include bacterial skin infection, motor neuropathy, bladder impairment, meningitis, hearing loss, Hutchinson's sign and Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

Alarmingly, shingles is now also starting to appear in children, which was virtually unheard of 20 years ago.

Researchers have suggested a simple explanation for why shingles rates might be on the increase, and at least some studies have supported this hypothesis: prior to the adoption of the chickenpox vaccine, nearly all children came down with chickenpox and thereby re-exposed the adults in their lives to the virus. This functioned as a "booster" to the immune system, thereby helping prevent reactivation of the virus in the form of shingles. Once vaccination became widespread, however, chickenpox rates fell and parents stopped getting the booster. When those parents started to hit the age of risk for shingles (50 and up), the rates of that disease started to climb accordingly.

Vaccine maker profits twice!

Is this merely a question of trading a childhood illness for an illness of old age? Not quite, because like any drug, both the chickenpox and shingles vaccines carry their own risks. Between March 1995 and July 1998, adverse events were reported for more than one in every 1,500 cases of chickenpox vaccination. About 4 percent of these were severe, including shock, brain inflammation (encephalitis), thrombocytopenia (a blood disorder) and death.

While some vaccine supporters claim that chickenpox vaccination will eventually solve the shingles problem because people who are vaccinated do not get the initial infection required to later develop shingles, it actually remains unclear if the live virus vaccine is sufficient to cause varicella zoster to colonize the nerve root. The vaccine is simply too new to answer that question.

To make matters worse, it is unclear how much benefit the chickenpox vaccine even provides. Chickenpox was simply never a dangerous disease, having a fatality rate of only 0.00135 percent. That is, the disease infected about 3.7 million children per year and killed about 50, most of them immunocompromised.

Finally, the effectiveness of the shot at preventing varicella zoster infection is only about 70 percent. Thus, chickenpox is essentially guaranteed to remain endemic in the population and so will shingles.

In the meantime, of course, Merck — the company that makes the chickenpox vaccine and created the problem to begin with — has its own convenient solution: The company also offers a vaccine for shingles.

Sources for this article include:[PDF]

Red Alert! Major Anthrax Drill Underway in California – Residents Fear it May Go Live!

by Pete Santilli, The Pete Santilli Show & The Guerilla Media Network

Thanks to word passed on to us from GMN Kenny (, we bring you this RED ALERT regarding a MAJOR anthrax exercise in the State of California.  At least a half dozen of the residents we spoke with fear this drill may go live. 

Eleven Southern California counties and 13 public health agencies will take part in the state’s largest bioterrorism drill starting Monday and continuing through the week, officials say.

The event, called the Southern California Regional Exercise for Anthrax Disaster Incidents, or SoCal READI, includes members of state and county public health agencies, hospitals, elements of law enforcement, and many volunteers in a practice response to a simulated large-scale aerosolized anthrax bioterrorism attack, said Susan Fanelli, assistant director of the California Department of Public Health.

The bacteria that causes anthrax would be one of the biological agents most likely used in a bioterror attack, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Inhaled anthrax is the most deadly form of the disease, with survival rates of only 10 to 15 percent, increasing to 55 percent with aggressive treatment, the agency’s website says.

SoCal READI has been in the planning stage for two years and builds on smaller drills conducted across the state in the years since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Fanelli said

Following the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, California received federal funds for emergency planning, and some of those resources were used for developing bioterrorism protection plans, Fanelli said.

Counties participating include San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Imperial, Inyo, Mono, Ventura, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. The health departments from the cities of Long Beach and Pasadena are also participating,

Each county and health agency will determine its participation for the practice drills, Fanelli said.

The mock attack will occur on Monday over a vast Southern California area, officials said.

By Tuesday, hospitals and other organizations will “realize” that the region is in the early stage of a regional anthrax outbreak.


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